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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seasons Change...Week 41

Season:  one of the four periods of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), beginning astronomically at an equinox or solstice, but geographically at different dates in different climates.

Every morning on our way to my daughters school  we go past a ranch with a long row of big trees that surely change with the seasons but we hardly notice.  My kids and I have decided to embark on a project that will help us notice that gradual change on the trees.  My daughter Sophia  will take at least a weekly picture after school for a whole year, I will post it on my blog entry on Thursdays and my little one Xavi wants in it too so he will take a picture of some cows from a different ranch and improve his picture taking skills.

 This picture taken on 8-10-11 

Cow story:  the cows we used to take pictures of have been missing since December.  Kids are on the lookout!

We still have seen any cows in town we've actually taken 'vacation' too seriously...but we invite you to go along and vote on another segment of our "Messiest Hair Contest"

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Winners will be announced tomorrow!


  1. I can't wait for the post where the cows magically appear again :)

  2. Mi Clau that is what a vacation is all about!! So happy you've been having a blast with the kids!

    It will be a happy day when those cows reappear again - Mooooooooooo!!

    Love you!!

    xo Kary xo

  3. I hope you are having a fun vacation! Thanks again for getting some mini note cards from my shop. I adore yours and want to get some envelopes or something soon :)


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