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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Picky eaters

My kids are such picky eaters!  They are!  One day they will eat something and the next they will  just refuse it!  Finally when they find something they like, let me rephrase that when they find something they love they will want to eat it  forever.  Right now strawberries is their trend breakfast, lunch and dinner if it was up to them I tell you.  I was up to find some recipes for kids that they might like and I found this recipe that I decided to share with you.

1 lg. grassy field
1/2 doz. children
2 or 3 dogs
A pinch of brook
Some sm. stones
Mix children and dogs together and put them in the field, stirring constantly. Pour the brook over stones, sprinkle field with flowers an spread over all a deep blue sky. Bake in a hot sun. When thoroughly browned, remove and set to cool in a bath tub.
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