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Thursday, February 27, 2014

back burner and start of 92545

It feels like I left this blog of mine on the back burner partly because fluctuating feelings on my part.  Lately there have been days where I am trying to save the world, fix everything you know.  Then there are those days when I don't fell like doing much.  I don't know what's wrong.  Maybe I should take things more calmly and accept the fact that I cannot fix the world.  Maybe I should worry less.

To keep more active on my blog
 I've decided to pick up my camera and start a new series called 92545 
(I like calling them series, it makes it much more interesting)
remember Beverly Hills 90210?
well Hemet is not exactly Beverly Hills but it's a nice place and I'd like to show it to you. 

This is a picture I took a while back. 
Here it is 92545.

*Maybe I should also pick up the series this moment from soulemama
* I also gotta get started on my 45 list March comes this Saturday!

Monday, February 24, 2014

the hardest

The hardest part after the weekend are the first five days, don't you agree?
We had a nice relaxed weekend, went out for pizza & wings...my husband really goes for the beer.  There is  no picture of the pizza because really who can wait to take a pic?  Xavi spent his whole $5 on the arcade games he shared his money with Sophie and they both came out with a few candy pieces and a plastic brain, really?? $5 that is all they get for 5 bucks? oh well it's the fun that counts right??
Then we stopped to admire the green fields around town and I took a few pics. 

Yes, that's how I like my weekends.

One more thing, I never shared our Valentine's cake with you guys.  
It was really a big cake but you know what? it didn't last two days.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Loverboy aka Xavi has struck again.  This time is another classmate named Talyn. 
He has such a big crush on her.
He says she is so fun to be around and that they have so many things in common, 
she plays legos and beyblades.  Ok.
He is yet again drawing hearts and planning his future oh my lover boy :/ 
 ...and that sitting in a tree song! ughhh!! My husband says this boy will marry young, I tell him he needs to get a degree first and then think of girls he says "ok mami"... we'll see.

On the other hand while browsing the aisles at target specifically the Valentines section 
(yes breach and all  I still shop at target)  
Sophia mumbled:
"Ughhh!  I hate Valentine's Day...it reminds me of how single I am and how I haven't found my true love!"

My thoughts:
*Dear Sophie aka Drama Queen, you will find your true love one day!  It's not the time yet...so I tell your brother.  You been reading way too much teen fiction.  Too much!

Meanwhile while the people in my family fix their love problems or lack of to celebrate Valentine's day, family and friendship we will bake a cake such as this one on Friday.  This will get everybody's spirits up.

nom nom!  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

gray...no more?

It's not a secret that I started getting gray hairs soon after my firstborn.  It wasn't that bad at first.  But 10 or  12 years later it started to bother me.  I had more grays than my own mother did! (I have nothing against aging or the people that proudly wear their silver tresses) My sister very nicely tried to convince me let my grays go after seeing my frustration.  But on my early 40s I certainly thought that it was too soon to stop coloring my hair.  One day back in May of last year I started to look for images of ladies with gray hair and I came across an article that said that molasses had many health benefits including improved hair quality, as well as the possibility of restoring graying hair back to its original color!! 
Eureka I have found it!!  I just need it to try it to see if it worked on me!
OK so I don't remember all the details of the article but you can certainly google it.  
I have been taking Blackstrap Unsulphured Molasses as a health supplement since June of last year and let me tell you that I have seen an amazing improvement on the pigment of my hair.  I would say that 50 percent of my hair color is back. Now, molasses does not taste good at all I have gone thru 4 1/2 bottles of this.  I tried it in several teas and currently just take a teaspoon a day just like that and then wash it down with water but it's totally worth it for me.  I take it as a divine punishment!  I have been holding back on writing this post remember this? because I wanted to make sure the molasses was working and it is! Now I miss my curls  I wish to embrace them soon :)
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