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Saturday, February 28, 2015

She is here!

She is here!  
Emma was born on February 19, 2015
at 7:45 am 
6 lbs 12 oz 
19 inches

She saved me the last 12 days of pregnancy, thanks baby!

Here she is today at 9 days old,
She is healthy and perfect!

We all are on cloud nine.

Thank you all for your well wishes!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Latest update

Hello my friends, oh how I've missed you honestly!  
I hope this year 2015 started in a good positive, healthy and happy way for all of you!  
I know there was a wedding yay! you two love birds you know who you are!!
pet losses :(  those hurt a lot I know
and for my family personally a new baby on the way yay again! 
this is really the home stretch I have 24 more days to go March 3rd is my due date.

Here's the latest update on my baby bump. Last month I insisted to do the glucose test again.  Better knowing that not knowing right? better safe than sorry.  So I did it and I failed, gestational diabetes was finally diagnosed I won't deny that I was pretty upset and worried.  I met with a dietitian and she helped me a lot.  Besides the restrictions I had back in November like getting rid of all the sugars now I am on a stricter food regimen.  I have to eat every two to three hours. Three meals and 3 snacks a day religiously.  Walk after every meal. I also have to prick my fingers 4 times a day and test my glucose.  The first one fasting and the others ones 1 hour after every meal.  It was very overwhelming at first because I have to consume a specific number of calories and watch my total daily servings of milk, vegetables, fruits, starches, meat  (or protein foods) and fats luckily I was given a chart to make it easier. Talking about overwhelming! I still feel like I am hungry all the time but I've learned to fill in with veggies in between meals and snacks.  I mean you learn about the food pyramid right??  but that's about it. But when your health is at risk you have to take it seriously.  I had gained a total of 19 lbs and since the restrictions I lost 5 lbs.  My doctor is ok with that because obviously they don't want baby girl to get too big.  She is doing fine and I am too.  I just look like a swallowed a volleyball. I have been able to control my glucose levels which is the ultimate goal. 

My doctor is watching me like a hawk.  I now see him once a week and I have a fetal non stress tests twice a week.  A non stress test is a simple procedure to evaluate the baby's condition, she is being monitored while she is resting and then while she is moving they also check the amniotic fluid.  I practically am at the hospital every day but I don't mind at all I feel taken care of.

Baby can come anytime now, next Tuesday when I am 37 weeks she is considered full term and that's basically what we want.  I don't mind the wait at all I want her to cook well.  I do miss sleeping on my back and my stomach, its hard to get in and out of bed and harder to hop on and off my truck and of course I miss food. I know that after this experience I have to watch my diet because I am at a higher risk of developing diabetes later in life...I can't deny that my anxiety level is growing ha bringing a baby into this world is not an easy thing to do.  But I've done it twice I can do it again right?

Besides that I have been so busy taking other classes:
-Breastfeeding classes to see if I can be successful this time around, 
-Baby Care Basics because it's been a long time since I've taken care of a baby.
-Infant CPR because it's been a long time since I've taken a CPR class.
-Female sterilization class (its a requisite to take the class in order to sign the papers to have the procedure done)  because really this is the last baby I am having!

This morning while Javier and I were checking out garage sales I tried to jump over a small box I lost my balance and fell on my knee.  Of course everybody ran to my rescue.  They all worried but luckily I didn't fall on my belly it was only my knee.  It was soooo embarrassing.  I never had that happened before with my other pregnancies with Sophia I gained 25 lbs. and with Xavi I gained a whopping 30 lbs. so it is hard to balance the weight at times.  Like I mention before my weight gain with this one is only 14 lbs. I think my ego was bruised and not my knee.  I did give up my morning bike rides around 7 months preggo due to my mom insisting me not to do it anymore.

Something else to share with you guys is my baby shower.  My mother in law threw one for me on January 31st it was fun and full of family and friends and of course good food darn it :/  I've missed out on Birthday cakes and Holiday eating but I know at the end when I have my baby girl in my arms it will all be worth it.

Following are some pictures I want to share with you:
Back in September Xavi's Birthday.  I did taste that cake though :)
  Pregnancy bliss!
Christmas Photos
Trip to Idyllwild back in December
Pretty things!
 Sophia receiving two awards at her school one for citizenship and the other Honor roll for her GPA!  Go Sophie!  She makes me proud!  She does indeed.
 Here is the first cake that I missed my brother's 41 Birthday on January 12!

My brother and Sophie celebrating January Birthdays.
I cannot find Sophies Birthday pics she turned 13 on January 22 She is officially a teenager yikes!
January 26

All of the following are from the Baby Shower last week:

I love how my hair has grown remember how short was last March?

Hopefully next time I will get to share with you our newest family member.
I really hope you are all doing fine I want nothing but blessings
and the best for you guys this year and always!



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