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Friday, July 31, 2015

Movie marathon

I have checked off another item on my 45 by 45 list!  Item 33 was that a tough one!  Movie watching staying up past midnight.  I go to bed at 8:00 or 9:00 at the latest and am a morning bird this goal was a bit ambitious.

Javier and Xavi were in San Diego Sophia volunteer to support me on this one since it was girls only in the house.  We made a list of movies that were interesting to both of us but ultimately I decided on three movies because after all it was my marathon.
First off at 6:00 pm we watched "The Duchess" on Netflix downstairs.  Although it said it was pg-13 Sophia had to run out of the family room a few times If you know what I mean :/ The movie tells the story of Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire.  She is an 18th century fashion icon and gambler loved by the whole country think of Lady D.  The Duke wants her to have an heir, which she hasn't accomplished, she brings home a friend and then this woman starts and affair with him. That beep! sorry but that just made us so mad!! Georgina has to accept all of his husband's infidelities.  She finally bares a son. Very good movie, I cried at the end very sad what this woman had to go through...If you haven't watched it I recommend it!
Second movie was a fail.  The life of Pi, I choose this one because Sophia had read the book and hadn't seen the movie and I had not watched it either. We started it at about 8:15 pm.  For this one we watched it upstairs on Sophia's laptop...on my bed...bad move.  Very bad move...It was very monotonous, a talking castaway lots of roaring and water all over...I nodded several times.  So did Sophie we actually had to often change positions and places on the bed to keep awake.  I started thinking we weren't gonna make it.  Well it wouldn't matter if Sophia went to sleep it was me that I was worried about.  But the thought of quitting in the middle and having to do it all over again gave me strength to keep on.  I was so relieved when the movie finally ended.   We had one more to go.  I hesitated but decided keep on going.
For the third and last movie I was very awake in fact I was wide awake. We watched "Revenge of the Bridesmaids".  It was a rom-com  as Sophia stated.  A romantic comedy to be precise, two women trying to sabotage her childhood friend's wedding because this one is marrying her friend's ex-boyfriend.  Funny, silly and entertaining, just what we needed to go on.  The movie ended at 12:15 pm just in the nick of time. It was gratifying finishing my task. 

Have you ever had a movie marathon?  How late do you stay up?...I used to be so much better at this :(

PS:  Luckily Emma let me sleep in a bit. I woke up at 7:00 am the next morning. Oh yeah on the baby news department we have a screamer and a roller!  She finally rolled over this morning she still needs a bit of practice.  She has discovered that when there is a conversation between two people or more she can get noticed by screaming her lungs out.

Monday, July 27, 2015

star gazing

Summer vacation is almost gone everybody is getting that feeling of oh no!  school is about to start :(  Registration process is imminent and back to school is just around the corner. When this summer break started the kids wrote a list of things they wanted to do and one of them was star gazing.  Well, one item on my 45 by 45 list was to learn about the constellations and I thought why not do it together? One item off my list ;) To be honest I am not much of a star  person. I mean I took astronomy in college, I aced the class but that's what long term memory is for right??  

I did a bit or research, just ask Google and you will get an answer.  So, with the help of this page tonightssky.com I was able to plan our observing session it was a super easy way to find out "what was going on in the sky."  I did have to find out Hemet's latitude and longitude on this pageEarthsky was also a very helpful.  Our session was on Friday July 24th, we had smores, hot dogs and pickles the whole shebang you know or shall I say the whole enchilada?  It was just captivating seeing little bright lights appearing in the dusking sky.

While researching I learned that when when the moon is more than half lighted but less than half full it's called a waxing gibbous moon.  So we had to spot the moon in between two star like points. The star spica to the right or west and Saturn to the left or east.  Piece of cake visible to the naked eye.  We were to also look for the Northern Cross or Cygnus the Swan.  Sophia was the one who saw it first. I also showed Javier and the kids this page I came across 26 pictures that will make you re-evaluate your entire existence. It was an engaging and intriguing evening undeniable. All sorts of topics came out such as life in other planets, aliens, black holes, the sun dying out on us, the extinctions of dinosaurs and the funny jokes obviously came out "What if a black hole leads to Uranus and is that a constellation or a constipation?"  oh boy...

I also realized out how difficult it is to take pictures at night so I gave up pretty quickly...only a few to show you the rest should be pinterest fail

I should also mention that Friday was our 16th wedding anniversary.  Friday was a good one.  Oh and that moment when you find a 20 that you washed and put away in a skirt last summer happened on Friday as well!  Amen. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

on hating

No, I am not having a bad day today.  In fact it's a good day, I have a bit of time to sit, visit some blogs and post on my own blog.  Last week as I was about to start ironing I thought about how much I hate that chore.  I don't iron much not even my own clothes is just my husband's work shirts and pants.  It's only 10 pieces of clothing so I always look forward to holidays you know two pieces less!!  Can't wait for him to retire...

I put a list of things that I hate the most just for fun.  I say just for fun but at the very moment they can get an ay chihuahua out of me!!

1.  ironing
2.  folding clothes
3.  putting the dishes away
4.  water splashes in the bathroom mirror
5.  when talking to people and they tell me "nevermind" 
6.  losing my cell in the house
7.  driving in the rain
8.  picking up dog poop
9.  when having to drive reverse and Javier did not leave the tires straight on the truck
10.  long lines at the supermarket checkout
11.  flies in the house

I can always come back and ad more to the list...

One thing I am loving more and more is my little one.  Five months.  Already.

I came across this article in Buzz Feed titled "19 Signs You are a Homebody"  check it out it's funny except for ordering delivery, crumbs on my bed and a whole season of netflix ah ah!  that is totally me 16 out of 19!!

Now tell me what you hate the most and if you are a homebody??

Thursday, July 16, 2015


yes indeed a bit of progress on my 45 by 45 list!  and blogging twice in a week BIG WOW!  right??

First thing, I am in love with the idea of handmade soap.  I first fell in love when I saw this video on the etsy blog.  Have you ever browsed etsy handmade soap section  It's filled with infinite exquisite, delicious, beautiful, charming and pleasing soapy goodies!  I mean isn't it amazing that you can mix herbs, oils and other ingredients cook 'em together and that whole gooey mess turns into an emollient bar of soap. To me is sounds very gratifying!

I have a pin board of soap making DIY recipes There are many ways of making soap cold or hot process made from scratch or melt and pour bases.

Now that the kids are on vacation we choose a homemade Oatmeal soap recipe.  Melt and pour is actually one of the easiest ways to make soap  using lye sounds a bit intimidating...I mean you need goggles and gloves :/  but one day I would like to try it as well.

Pretty easy to find ingredients, 8 cubes of Goat's milk suspension formula, oatmeal and almond oil soap extract.
I like to get the kids to participate on these things.  Xavi is always in when it comes to do handmade things.  Sophia on the other hand not so much.  It wouldn't come out of her but if I ask her to she will do it.  They liked helping out and could not wait for the end result.  I like seeing them work together.
 Well somebody was certainly bored! the littlest helper or at least spectator.
Basically only  a few steps, melt the soap, add the oil and the oatmeal then cool.  Pretty nifty huh??  full recipe and instructions here.
This is the end result  looks yummy to eat ah?  So there you have it oatmeal from breakfast till shower time! and at the same time one more item crossed off my list.

I'd like to share a morning laugh now:  So, Sophia was frantically looking for something in the refrigerator the other day "What are you looking for?" I asked her "the ketchup's sister" she told me.  Ok so I was puzzled "is it the mustard?"  I asked..."no that's the weird brother nobody likes" she told me.  I see.  "Is it the barbecue?" I asked..."yes that's the one!!"  Oh Sophie! left door at the top...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

feelings and milestones

This weekend has been full of emotions you see I put the breast pump away, mix of feelings.  You probably remember that I was determined to breastfeed this child.  Like I've said it before I was not successful twice in the past.  You see this time I wanted no bottles nor pacifiers so I went 12 days trying to breastfeed.  I developed mastitis on day 12  :( so I went to the doctors with full breasts hard as rocks cracked, sored and bleeding nipples.  One word to describe it would be ouch! I needed to pump Dr. said to relieve myself.  Yes Emma was sucking but not getting much milk out, so I was getting plugged milk ducts. I felt dissapointed but knew that it was the best for both of us.  No more breastfeeding nah uh, I wasn't looking forward to plugged ducts again.  So I pumped like crazy to build a good supply of milk.  I pumped a lot so I froze a lot of milk.   But you see pumping is actually a lot of work and it takes double the time, because I pump and then have to feed the baby.  So at about two months I tried to put Emma back on the breast and guess what? she latched on almost like a pro without hurting mommy!  let me repeat myself almost like a pro I still got some ducts plugged once in a while and only Emma and not the pump was able to relieve them.  It still didn't feel very natural but pumping and breastfeeding here and there worked for us.  But then my milk supply started to diminish and I had to supplement with formula.  So it got kind of crazy.  Emma had a buffet to pick from, straight from the breast, fresh expressed milk in a bottle, frozen breast milk, or formula how about that?  The frozen milk is all gone by now.  And just when we thought we've mastered the fine art of breastfeeding my milk supply is very very low that I've decided to stop pumping and only formula feed. I can say that this was the best and worst breastfeeding experience of all three.  Although I felt dissapointed at the beginning I can say that I did it! Ha ha that was not on my bucket list either!  But I am happy in a way that my body is back to normal. 

Also, Emma started eating solids this weekend.  Yup she is ready.  She fully supports her head, she sits with little support and shows interest in food.  She tried carrots stage one.  She grabbed the spoon and took it straight to her mouth!  She knows where foods belongs.
It was a messy session but she enjoyed it.
To top things off I also put away the baby swing, she is getting too heavy for it.  Bye bye naps there.

 sigh. my baby growing up. what's next teeth?  probably...

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