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Monday, June 22, 2015

hello summer

Hi guys how is your summer going?  Wait summer just started right? the kids have been out of school for three weeks now so we're practically 1/3 down of our summer break.  The heat hit us hard this past week and will continue like that all next week.  Why sun why??  yep we hit the three digits and wildfires started oh boy I hate I really hate those they're scary.
 Let me share some of the things that we've been up to the past few weeks
 I've been wearing my baby, we vacuum, sweep and mop the floor together; doing dishes is a little harder.  Notice that we both are wearing the same outfits as in this post dated March 12.  But do not be fooled her pj in that picture is a size 0-3 months.  The pj she is wearing in this one is a size 3-6 months.  That's right this child of mine is growing too quickly.  She goes to sleep at 8 pm and wakes up at 5 or 6 am to have a bottle and stretches her beauty sleep a little more.  At her two month old checkup I was worried about her weight.  Everybody was telling me she is chubby and fat, her double chin and thick legs *sigh...I worry too much I know if she was to be skinny there I would be worrying about her weight. 
We celebrated Javier's Birthday early in the month! 
Later that evening we drove to San Diego and Valeria joined us for the family picture, although Emma was not a happy camper I love this picture.
We don't have any big plans for summer but to enjoy it.  Puzzle time!  Sophia, Xavi and I worked on this 500 piece coke puzzle we finished it in two days. We probably could have done in one day but why push it?  Two straight movies we watched while we worked on it the first day We really needed to clear our heads and start fresh on day 2.
Baseball and more baseball!  I really dream of Xavi going into major leagues.  I remember as a child watching the world series I would daydream that my husband was a star player, me being pregnant and going into labor while he was playing the series so he would have to leave the game and take me to the hospital to deliver our child.  One can dream right?
Family gatherings are always fun and if they have a trampoline even better!  This was a 35 anniversary party. Oh to be a child again!  Maybe if no one was looking I'd bounce once or twice...maybe.
Celebrating my dad's 68 Birthday was fun with the kiddos.  Emma reminds me of him when he had hair (I get my curls from him)  she wakes up in the morning with this sort of curvy hair on the crown of her head and some curves of her sides 
The traditional picture under my mom's guava tree!  These are 8 out of 9 of my parents grand kids.  It was so funny because after seeing two of Sophia's cousin who are brother and sister she asked me: 

"mom when Xavi and I fight do we sound like Isaac and Ailani?"

YES, YES YOU DO! bold and capitals!!
double sigh!

 A few years back I bought Javier a set of three key chain pennies from etsy shop The Copper Fox
pennies are stamped with the kids' names and birth year.  I found nothing more appropriate this year than to add another penny this Father's Day.
Emma just had her 4 month baby check up and is doing great!
Let's just say doctor said she definitely is not starving!
I am currently so in love with this little one.  She is currently learning to hold her bottle, her
favorite toy is mamas thumb or finger.

So you see I really have not been doing much but just enough to have fun.
How have you been?
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