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Thursday, March 27, 2014


This is a residential are in middle town Hemet.  I love admiring these little houses, their architecture and how they are kept nice and neat.  Don't they just look like doll houses?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It was April of last year when my sister gave me a bob cut and applied a relaxer to relax my curls to make it easier for me to maintain the cut and keep it straight with the flat iron.  Oh how I love straight hair.  I think I was born to have it  but something went wrong... I inherited my dad's curls.

You see I have a love-hate relationship with my curls.  I hate angering the beast...by beast I mean my hair ;)  Sometimes curls go wild and just do whatever they want to do, I don't like hair on my face.  I don't like puffy or frizzy hair who does anyway??  well some people do but that's another story. At times hair products be it mousse, creams or conditioners leave a wet sticky look or too flat which I also hate.
Last week I was ready for a change.  I was missing the convenience of wash and go hair.

So yeah I told her go ahead cut it...
I came across NaturallyCurly a wonderful website where you can find everything about curls.  Lots of tips and info about fighting frizz, natural hair recipes, conditioning and much more.  Did you know there are different hair types? I didn't...from wavy to curly to coily and then there is wavy swavy, curly twirly and coily springly ha ha
and more in between!!

I've started using an old t-shirt to dry my hair. I've learned that towels can scrub hair and damage it. The t- shirt fabric preserves the natural curl pattern.   Instead of my regular hair mousse I've started to apply a leave in nourishing coconut milk conditioner and argan oil of morocco
these two are weightless and leave my curls soft to the touch.
If you suffer from curls you probably know what I am talking about
I highly recommend NaturallyCurly.  I keep going back often to get more pointers. 

With such short hair unless I shave it or wear hair extensions I cannot do much to it but bring the beast back!  but this time I am confident that I will tame it!

 I consider this my makeover on my 45 by 45 list
For now the beast it's calm I can't wait to see it grow again!! 

...to be honest I was missing my curls and I am glad they are back.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


There are also lots and lots of ranches and red barns...pretty horses and all!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

hard hat area

Danger proceed at your own risk

There is a hard hat area in my house.  A place if you dare to go in you have to do it with caution.  
Lots of caution
 You never know what you will find in there.  You may trip on a shoe, step on a lego a or puzzle piece or God knows what else. 
You will find an extensive selection on swords wooden or plastic ones.  All kinds of plastic... 
fake genuine plastic I tell you.
 You may also find large amounts of money for any emergency that arises.  Large bills mainly.
There is also all other kinds of weapons, newer ones and some more primitive .  Also, handmade masks  this one reminds me of the first suit Tony Stark built in the cave and was able to escape do you recall?)
You will also find a well stock supply of pens and pencils and a calendar only this month it hasn't been flipped...it's the middle of March already.  A chalkboard to jot down notes and reminders.  Lots of nick knacks, playing cards for when the occasion arises to play magic tricks...oh and THE plastic brain yes the one that cost 5 bucks (plastic brain is in the blue plastic container at least it is a safe location.

 A reminder of mustache styles for future reference.
A place to store yoga mats, pillows all sort of masks even  a wrestling one because wrestling pillows is a popular sport here.  A place for fast razor scooters that are at time forgotten for weeks.
You can also find lots of taekwondo broken boards and books for reading time.
     ...and reminders of all kinds of achievements such as student of the month, taekwondo trophies and more.
 This is also a place to store all of the cute paperwork that comes home.
 This can also be a place of relaxation...
Or a place to throw a party!
If with all this info you still haven't figured out I will tell you now that this is Xavi's room.  A disaster zone. Most of the time I call for a deep clean up session or  I myself do the rescue efforts...but it's useless this  place always is a danger zone, it cannot stay neat for half a day.  You might notice there is no bed.  There was once one, a toddler bed that was used only one night when the marvel super heroes bed set was brand new, after that night Xavi decided that sleeping with mom and dad was better. I don't mind it much...sometimes I do I am being honest it can get a little crowded in there.  But I know that the time will come when he won't want to cuddle with mom or dad. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Living in a valley we are truly surrounded by mountains.  Some closer some a farther.  This is a community right next to Sophia's Middle School so they share the mountain as their backyard.  Obviously lots of living things there such as squirrels, snakes, coyotes, bobcats.
Lots of wildlife.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

vegetarian or sock eating?

One day last week Sophia came to me and said "mom I wanna become a vegetarian"...I laughed  gave her my blessing and told her good luck with that because vegetarians eat exactly that VEGETABLES!!  I didn't think much of it really.

Now please don't think I am a mean mom, that is how I joke with the kids. 

The next day when she came from school she told me "mom I wanna eat my sock!" Why I asked her surprised??  Because I can't eat meat she replied in a frustrating tone of voice she was also upset because she had to give up ham and bacon and hamburgers, oh yeah I had forgotten about the vegetarian stuff.  Darn it! I thought she is for reals, when did she get a mind of her own?  where does she gets all these ideas?  Of course I am kidding with the mind thing, she is and has always been very smart what I mean is why do kids want to do things their own way?  Maybe because they won't stay kids forever?  Maybe they won't always do what mom says or wants?

Anyways, she wants to avoid red meat which is a good thing.  Her like myself is a meat lover and that does not mean that we eat meat everyday it only means that if you give us a choice of a steak, chicken or fish we will surely go for the meat (she does not eat fish at all so she has less choices).  I guess she got the meat lover thing from me besides the gap in her front teeth and the curls.

Well a whole week passed and she was fine and I didn't do it on purpose but it so happened that I didn't cook meat at all during the week.  She kept saying the phrase "Ever since I became a vegetarian..."  Well I thought the test will come for her sooner or later and it did.  The neighbors had a birthday party and we were invited guess what they had? carne asada tacos (grilled meat tacos).  She said she didn't want any but later I realized she didn't want to eat the meat so I offered her some bean tacos and she agreed.

Later I had a small talk with her and told her how I feel about the situation.  It really scares me!  It scares me that I don't know how to help her with that big change. I don't know much about vegetarians, I know there are all different kinds and they do it for all different reasons.  I have been trying hard to introduce different vegetables in all different kind of ways.  I have been steering away from meats and cold cuts at the house, getting rid of refined sugars and grains and flours and all that. I am afraid that she won't get the nutrients from the other food groups or a proper diet (she is very picky you should know that too).  

I am so proud oh her trying to make changes to her diet, she is really eating more veggies.  All I  told her if she wants to skip meat is all right and if she wants to eat it once in a while it's all right too I know she can get her protein from all different sources. Eating a balanced diet is very important specially during her growing years.  Exercising is important also she is know for not liking exercise or sports.  She smiled at me and seemed quiet and peaceful I guess she liked the idea of eating meat once in a while instead of her socks.

Just for illustration purposes this is Sophia's socks drawer.  She likes colors and is known for wearing all kinds of colorful socks or stockings ...she says she gets a lot of compliments at school.  I guess if she decided to eat socks she would have a great variety! lol!!  

Wish me luck with my self proclaimed vegetarian tween.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Aww ...California land of the eternal drought and wildfires let's not forget earthquake country :/

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

mother-son date

...well sort of, we didn't dress up or anything, but I did plan it and took my camera.
Xavi has a doctors appointment early Monday morning, 
so I picked him up from school and did not return him.
We saw the doctor because I had a few questions and concerns, he assured me everything was normal.  This is not the first time that a doctor sends me home with the words
"Don't worry momma you are doing good".

Anyways, after the appointment I asked Xavi if he wanted to go on a date with me.  
He was over the moon with the idea.  
He remember the times when he was not in school and we dropped off Sophia and go thrift shopping.

We had fun, we went to a couple of crafts stores.  
Stopped for a burger and shake at Jack in The Box.  Then went shop thrifting where he bought a deck of cards for his magic tricks and bought a box to store his beyblades...which he did talk a lot about.
Of course he also talked about Talyn.

Something funny happened while we were sipping on our shakes, this lady I say she was in her 60s approached me and asked me if he was my son. I said yes, she said I looked young enough to be his sister.  I took that as a compliment although I know she was exaggerating a tad bit or a whole lot to be honest.  You must have had him young she asked, no not really I said I was 35.  Then it must be your skin she said.  Then she started taking about skin and makeup and hair color, her background and her exes, her children and stepchildren, her poetry classes she is taking  in college.  It was funny because she would stare at Xavi and she did mention that he looked a lot like her son when he was young now 42.  In less than 10 minutes she told me half of her life story while I was sipping on my shake I didn't mind it.  I was even tempted to ask her to sit down with us.  But then I thought no she will never finish and the truth is I am not that open with complete strangers besides my date with Xavi must go on.  She was a little chatter box she said that herself. 

We had a nice time I made him feel special and he made me feel special.  He said we should do this again when he is sick or at least have a not so important doctors appointment.


So there here it is a mother son date is crossed off my 45 by 45 list.
I am looking forward for another date soon!
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