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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What She Wore

Last Monday when I said that we leave the house early to beat the heat in order to make errands I meant it. I mean getting the kids out of the house to go to Walmart or Target during vacation at 7:30 am is almost a sin right?  I kinda feel bad but they are early birds like me too.  Most of the time they know in advance since they ask me what are the plans for the next day.  Oh and BONUS  we also beat the crowds since everybody is out on vacation!!

This is the latest photo session before going in to Walmart hence Sophie's hair.  She did apologize :/

Skirt and cardigan: thrifted

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America is about to have another Birthday, so Happy Birthday America!! 
and to you I wish you a 
Happy and safe Fourth of July!

Monday, June 27, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

We've been having lazy morning and busy afternoons lately.  Although some days we leave the house early and try to beat the heat to run some errands. Sophia has her dance class on Mondays and Library Volunteering  on Wednesdays.  Xavi has soccer practice on both days as well.  With Javier getting home late from work I am mostly the one in charge of the dropping off kids.  sigh.

I have become not only a soccer mom but a super soccer mom! sigh.  again

On the afternoons that we are not super tired before going to bed in order to unwind we have been watching R. L. Stein The Haunting Hour on Netflix.  If you're familiar with the goosebumps children's books you know what I am talking about.  The stories follow children characters that find themselves in scary situations, the episodes last 22 minutes so we have time for one or two.  It is fun watching Xavi hide under the covers.

Last Friday as our weekend started we had the "ugly" car trouble.  I had told Javier a few days back the truck has been making funny noises.  As he was test driving we had transmission problems.  The car stopped and we had to walk back home.  As we started walking home in the beating sun. :( this lady drove past us a few times and asked if we needed a ride.  We accepted the ride as Javier was carrying Emma on his arms.  She had a kind heart. :)

My father in law lent us his truck while we get our Tundra fixed.  As much as we would love it we are not ready yet for another car payment :/

Car trouble!  This is how I felt...I miss my Tundra!

Hope is not too hot in your neck of the woods 'cause its getting hot in here!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

This week was pretty normal and nothing much out of the ordinary happened.  I love shopping at Kohl's.  I have a love hate relationship with that store they send you so many coupons that agghh!  I have been doing the shop, save and repeat routine.  I scored some bath towels online for about $4.50 a piece and free shipping!  You should see Javier's face when I tell him I saved you some money!!  I baked my first batch of fudgy chocolate cookies made with avocado! nobody knew it until I told them!  Xavi loved them, he said they were great, delicious the best cookies ever until I told him they had avocado then he said "well they do taste funny and different" 
We've been trying to get out of the house to get fresh air as the days get hotter and hotter.
You cannot imagine how many times we went up and down this street so that Sophie captured the perfect shot or at least one or two that I liked... many, many times!  
Aww the joys of bike riding with the little ones! Bike riding is fun!

The weekend got more exciting as my sister got married on Saturday.  I was having so much fun and chasing after Emma that I didn't take a lot of pictures.
Some photos were shared on Instagram as well as Facebook.
Talking about Emma she would not get out of the dance floor.

Then on Sunday we celebrated Father's Day. We went out for breakfast and gave Javier a few gifts.  We bought him an adult coloring book for de-stressing.  He got the color pencils out and started coloring and joking "oh yes this is de-stressing, I am so relaxed now I feel great!" later in the afternoon he got his coloring book out and started working on it again.  I  felt like coloring too so no doubt I will color a page or two in the near future.  Have you got one?  have you tried coloring for de-stressing purposes??

I have been thinking a lot lately about my 45 by 45 list.  It's been in the back burner for a while now...It was put on hold for the whole pregnancy and then after Emma I only did a couple of things.  Forty fifth Birthday is coming in September...oh well :/  I hope I have many more years until I really hit the bucket.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and a lovely start of Summer my friends!
We're having a heat wave here in California whopping 108 yesterday today will be hotter..

Monday, June 13, 2016

the good the bad and the wekend

Hello you guys how are you?  I hope you all are good and with good spirits.  My thoughts and prayers are with Florida people.  My motto has always been "Why can we all just get along? I mean wake up, go to work, come back home and be happy!  Is that too much to ask?? Anyways here is a peek at my week last week.

Emma is getting great at mimicking, she is funny trying to copy what other people does :)

Sophia started volunteering at the library and she absolutely loved it.  This line would fit in the morning laughs segment while we were having breakfast she told us in a serious tone "Listen up people from now on I will be paying the bills!  oh my dear Sophie one day you will! :)

Xavi started soccer practice, try outs for a soccer club coming soon.

Emma loves running free in the park while Xavi practices in the afternoons.

Emma is pulling the Nemo trick while on her high chair.  She loves trowing food left and right once she is done eating. When I notice that she sticks her hand out in the air with a piece of food,   I tell her not to and with a daring smile on her face she drops it...just like that sigh * :/

We woke up early Friday morning at 1:00 am with a 5.2 magnitude earthquake those 10 seconds seemed to last forever.  Not a fun thing to start the weekend  with :(

All this Summer we will be having 3 day weekends as Javier will be working 10 hour shifts for 4 days and having Fridays off.  

As far as this weekend, it was all soccer fever in this casa of mine! 

This is her daring face!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What She Wore

I had my eyes set on this location for a set of pictures for the What She Wore segment.  These pictures were taken a few weeks before school ended.   That specific morning there was a guy taking the trash out and he was looking at us weird like what are they doing here?  So we choose to get it over with quickly, anyways that morning Emma was not in the best mood.  

Every time we do this we have so much fun! I don't know it's probably the "Hurry up!! mom just take the pictures" factor. Next year when Sophie goes to High School we won't have that extra hour to get the pictures done so we will have to figure out a way to keep up with the segment. Talking about High School the Summer Bridge Program got cancelled!  Sophie and I were so bummed because of the reason it got cancelled...not enough kids registered WOW! Cannot believe it...oh well 

I read this article about modern addictions, very interesting 

Skirt and cardigan: thrifted
shoes: payless

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I hope your week is going well, we're into the second week of summer vacation and really 
cannot be on pjs all day long like the kids do :/

Monday, June 6, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

Happy Monday my friends!  We had a very festive week last week and a great 4 day weekend since Javier took Thursday and Friday off work. Here are more details.

On June 1st I started an Instagram challenge photo a day from Fat Mum Slim

My sister in law's High School graduation and 18th Birthday on the same day!  I think that is very cool and memorable! :)

We crossed the border to Tijuana, ate tacos, walked downtown which I haven't done in years, went to IMAX theater and had a great time! :)

I give lots and lots of credit to Emma which almost made it through the whole movie it was her first time at the movies and Javier was very worried.  She got restless on the very last 5 minutes.

Back at home we celebrated Javier's Birthday on Saturday :)

On Sunday we watched a soccer match between Mexico and Urugay.

It's been a while since Emma's diaper changes seem like MMA fighting matches.  I literally have to pin her down to complete the task. sigh.  It's just a diaper change baby :(

Yeah I feel that way too! 

Hope your week started off good!
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