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Saturday, October 11, 2014

so the world knows...

so the world knows...I mean Facebook.  I announced my pregnancy today.  A lot of my family and friends didn't know it yet. Next Tuesday I will be 20 weeks which marks the middle of my pregnancy, I thought this was good timing or next thing they'll know is Claudia with new baby when did this happen?!?! Baby girl will arrive by the beginning of March 2015. Everything is going smooth, I do have to tell you that sleeping is getting harder and harder.  The trips to the bathroom don't help.  Also, I miss sleeping on my stomach, now it's like impossible to balance on a cantaloupe...besides baby girl might not like it.  I started feeling her movements about three weeks ago.  It's such a magical feeling.  I read that they sleep 90 % of the time nice ah?  I wish I could do that!  She sleeps most of the day when I am up and about she loves being rocked. But when mommy decides to take a rest and lie on the bed or couch baby girl is active.

A little update on all my children follows:  (yeah my life sounds like a soap opera)

-Valeria started working at Kmart and I am pretty sure will be very busy with this coming holiday season her college classes and her boyfriend.

-Sophia is doing good in school she is my little revolutionary, always questioning things, trying to change the world.  She always speaks up her mind. Always pointing out when she thinks something is not right.  There are days where she is not in the best of her moods and others where she is the friendliest and more lovable child you can find (excuse me not a child almost a teenager.)  She loves music and defines herself as a rocker she likes older bands as well as newer bands.  In fact all she wants to wear are shirt bands...flower prints, ruffles, pink and pastel colors are long gone.  She wanted to but combat boots and she did it with her own money she wears them once a week and her converse are back in action.

-Xavi lover boy struck again one day he came home telling me mom I found the love of my life her name is so and so (to be honest I forgot the name)  This girl is not in her class he told me.  So the next day I asked him what happened with the girl...She didn't talk to me today he answered sadly awww young love!  He turned 8 last month.  He keeps being so crafty and creative.  He loves making the rainbow loom bracelets for family and friends.  He makes the very difficult ones. He also loves watching you tube tutorials about origami, magic tricks and all sorts of crafts he is so patient and dedicated. I love seeing him give my belly love.

We definitely can't wait to welcome baby girl so that she can complete our family!

I am sending hugs to you all

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