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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What She Wore

For today's post we decided to take pictures right outside a cute little church in Winchester right across from the Post Office. We had tried this location earlier but as soon as I tried to take picture number two my batteries died :/  Anyways, I hope you are enjoying these series because Sophia and I really are!  

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Monday, October 26, 2015

the boss

When Emma was born Xavi was promoted to big brother.  Yup "he the boss", that's how young people would say it.  The boss of the back seat that is.  When he is riding alone with Emma anyways.  He is in charge of little things like opening the back window, supplying Emma's pacifier, making sure the sun is not in her eyes, entertaining her, making her laugh, trying to stop her from crying, holding the bottle for her (that specific responsibility has diminish a bit as she is holding it by herself now), pat her when she coughs, putting socks on her...well he still needs to perfect that task as you can see it in the picture from my instagram feed oh yeah follow me if you'd like ;) Those two have some good times now and then shss I told Xavi I will have to put cameras and maybe hire a security to find out what goes on back there.

That is a lot of responsibilities for a nine year old boy wouldn't you say?  but he is doing a good job and has come a long way with a whole lot of improvement since the first days of Emma being with us  Now that she is a bit older she is much more fun to be around the kids say.  

Truth is he is enjoying his big brother role so much that here is the latest morning laugh:  Emma is fuzzing in the back seat probably ready to fall asleep I am sure she needs her binky to soothe herself.  I tell Xavi to check on her and give her the binky and this is his answer:  "No worries I can tame the mythical beast down!"  umm no Xavi she is not a beast she is your baby sister and no she is not mythical she is for reals!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


In the absence of Sophie's What She Wore post because honestly we've been so busy in the mornings and have not had an opportunity to take pics I bring to you Emma who's now 8 months!  Wow time to start planning that first Birthday party...honestly that thought has been lingering in my mind since she was born hey this will be the last 1st Birthday party I throw right??

Haha it's getting harder and harder to fit her on the frame so I will just take what I can get!  She is a happy squiggly baby that likes to explore whatever is close to her with hands, feet and mouth.  She does not venture too far yet!
Not to steal Sophie's spotlight or segment but here is little behind the scenes.  She loves looking in the mirror and sometimes smiles shyly if shyly is even a word I don't know if it's correct :/  Other times she talks to that person in the mirror.  
Look at that belly tho!

Monday, October 19, 2015

heavy machinery

Skin to skin contact is very important I am sure we all know that.  It has so many benefits.  It can be relaxing, reassuring, soothing, stimulating you name it!  Gosh it feels great doesn't it??  just a touch or a hug.  I remember right after Emma was born I held her skin to skin. Babies go through a shock after being born so skin to skin  helps them stay calm, breathe better, maintain body temperature and regulate blood sugar levels.  Talking about sugar levels I don't know how many times my newborn was pricked to make sure her levels were fine...thanks gestational diabetes :/ Back to skin to skin stay with me all right.  How could I forget that moment when she was staring at me with her eyes wide open!  Oh I felt on cloud nine holding my new baby!

Sometimes at the end of the day we get a bit of extra time after soccer practice, make sure homework is done, kitchen clean and showers have been taken we get to unwind with a little Netflix.  The kids like to watch Cupcake wars.   Habanero cupcakes really? Last week we were watching an episode and we took turns giving massages to each other while we watched the episode.
We've got a couple of wooden massagers, a battery operated one, I have a deck of cards with some techniques, I even bought a cheap kit for a hot stone massage that I still haven't used but hey the intentions are there right?  So here is a morning laugh for you guys Xavi got all the things out for the massage and he was going to do it on me first he said: "I will do it manually first, then I will use heavy machinery!" oh this boy!  Laugh therapy helps too right?

So there you have let's hug a little tighter and longer from now on to get all the full benefits.  Let's embrace touch and closeness as they comfort and heal even if heavy machinery needs to be used :/

Here's a bonus morning laugh today:  Xavi comes up to me and asks "Mom I will do a urine test on you"  of course I looked at him puzzled.  "What part of the house are you in?" he asks...I am in the kitchen I answered "you passed"

I hope you have an amazing week my friends and thanks for stopping!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What She Wore

The photos for this session were taken about two weeks ago.  In the weather department that specific weekend I had great news we had rain on Sunday and Monday.  Yay, rain is nice.  I love the smells and how everything looks clean, fresh and dust free.  Even the mountains start turning green with a little rain.  I have an excuse to wear my boots and then there is always the rainbow that peeks here and there!  Unfortunately it was only two days. Fast forward to today back in the 90s Oh please more rain! Enough complaining :/

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Cardigan: thrifted
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Monday, October 12, 2015

short naps

Have I ever told you that Emma takes short naps?   I mean very very short naps!  20 or 30 mins at the most.  I really can't complain she sleeps on the car and most of the time while out shopping and running errands and best of all she has been sleeping all thru the night for some time now 8pm to 5 or 6 am. So, I really cannot ask for 3 two-hour naps right??  cannot have the perfect child!  haha!!

Well the other day something happened that she took such a long nap I kept waiting for her to wake up. I honestly didn't know what to do with the extra time, not that any time is extra for me but...  I really didn't know what to do!!  I had just vacuum and mopped the floors the day before, I had dinner ready...leftovers really but who cares right? as long as the family is fed! I just decided I'd browse the web and waste time anyways she'd be up soon. No she was still asleep. I thought watching some Netflix you know I deserve some me time now and then. But no no Netflix. I also thought of all the little unfinished things mainly for my etsy shops...cut and glue papers, take pictures and list new items, maybe work on my crochet projects ahh so many unfinished projects I tell you! and she was still napping :/

But why finish something when you can start something new? ay Claudia!!  I remembered that I had some clothespins stashed away and I have been meaning to get my hands on them to make dolls.  I know dressed them up with all the odds and ends.  When I was a little girl I loved sewing my dolls wardrobe.  I remember I also loved paper dolls. Was Emma still breathing?  yeah, she was I had to check every now and then in amazement.  This girl.  I was able to paint the dollies faces and hair, cut the dresses, glue them, crochet a little scarf and even take pictures to show you guys.

I know I got a little carried away with the pictures :/ Great little project that I enjoyed doing. I loved seeing how these girls came out.  Now they are sitting upstairs in Sophia's desk...I'd like to make some more I just need Emma to take longer naps here and there :)  

I really hope your have a great week ahead :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What She Wore

Let me start this week with a quick background story:  I hate hate hate being late so every morning I wake up the kids with enough time so that we don't have to rush.  Most days we manage without major issues even since Emma joined our family.  You know the usual routine, on Mondays Xavi's trumpet, on Tuesdays and Thursdays Xavi's soccer equipment for after school practice has to be ready.  Feed the dogs, the fishes and the turtle, why yes of course I haven't told you that Xavi has a turtle now :/ Please let's not forget the things we need before we go out the door like Emma's well stocked diaper bag, my cell, water bottles, a light jacket now that mornings are crispy, my grocery lists, etsy packages...keys of course.  Oh and breakfast! yes breakfast. That is a challenge in itself most days since Emma is awake at the time.  Some days she is ok with some you tube baby songs others Sophia has to step up and help me with her.  Here is a morning laugh: One day last week I made blueberry pancakes, the kids love them. Sophia is always very polite and thankful and is my greatest motivator she told me "Mom thank you for the pancakes that was the most delicious breakfast I've ever had!  boy that feels good amidst all the morning chaos!!...then I heard a little voice in the background said "I am just here for the blueberries!" ha ha that just cracked me up. Yes Xavi we need a little clown in the family! (not to say that he is not thankful,  he is but sometimes he just prefers to be the entertainer).

For this What She Wore session I thought of going to a housing community very close to the kids schools.  It's called Stoney Mountain Ranch.  It has a nice park that was built around some small hills right in the middle of the community is that cool or what?? I found this youtube video of a home tour where you can see the park at the end of the tour.  The last two pictures are behind the scenes Sophia wanted to climb the hills while Emma had her first morning nap in the truck.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

What She Wore

I drop off Xavi at 7:30 in the mornings.  Sophia's school opens at 8:15 and school starts at 9 so we have some time to do the photo sessions in between.  We need to chose a location that is close by so that way we don't have to rush. This time we chose our main street Florida Ave that runs across town a very busy street. Come on mom hurry up! Sophia demanded...so what? if anybody tells you that they saw us just say that your mom is a photographer! I told her! 

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