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Thursday, January 30, 2014

teacher reviews

Hey guys how have you been?  Life has been happening so intense for the past weeks!  But all is good.

I know I haven't been blogging much lately and it seems all I blog about is Sophia so here it is another post about her.  I just can't help it.

Right after Christmas break I got her grades by mail and I read them aloud.  Nothing to be upset about all A's and B's.  I am so proud of her really!  One of the teacher's comments though started a commotion and she initiated all this sista ranting and venting like she needed to get it out of her system.  Walking around the dining table waving her arms up and down getting all worked up.

You might be thinking what was the teacher's comment?..."Student shows lack of participation."  It was her P.E. teacher who had given her a B by the way  but the comment hurt her deep.  
That is what started it all.

I had to tell her to stop take a deep breath and talk slower because I needed to document the info.  It was too funny Xavi and I could not stop laughing.  It brought me back to my Middle School years when I fell in love with my P.E. teacher (apparently not in Sophia's case)  So here is what she had to say about each one of her teachers and for her protection she made me swear that I wouldn't say the name of the school nor the full names of teachers.

P.E. teacher Mr. K.
-Who does he think he is?  Who is he to judge me?  all he does is blow a little whistle and we are his little ants running around the fields.  Ah!  Lack of participation?  I'd like to see him running around the field non stop and then giving me 20!
-He is always in such a bad mood.  He is mean to everyone.  You hear all these stories about him.  One time I was doodling around my name and he was like:  I CAN'T SEE YOUR NAME!  WHY DO YOU DOODLE AROUND YOUR NAME!  DON'T DOODLE AROUND YOUR NAME!!  Gosh I was just doodling :/

-Now, Mr C is so selfish.  He thinks he is the only teacher I have.  I like him a lot but I have other classes too you know.  He gives me a stack of homework every night.  He says: you are sixth graders now you can do anything that comes at you.  Like if he throws a brick at me I have to be ready to catch it.

-OK this is going to be long and painful...all Mr E does is complain how we are not quiet enough.  I am trying to write the pencil squeaks and he turns around like a snake and hisses SHHHHH!!! he is like a cobra.  I don't even care as what he gives me as a grade anymore all I want to do is pass his class so I don't have to see him again!

-The pregnant lady, she does not know how to run her class.  She is too nice and she does not know how to tell someone to be quiet.  I am quiet and have a B in the class.  Most of the students just talk and don't do any of the work.  All she does is sends them out for 5 minutes like babies while she should be handing them to the principal.

-This teacher is just plain unfair.  I work hard to keep grades up.  I think I deserve an outstanding next to my grade but no the only people she gives an outstanding mark is the teacher's pets.  I am not willing to be a teacher's pet.  I don't like her.

She also had her last words on this matter.  "Now, I've let all my anger out, next time I have any complains or am mad at any of my teachers I will just go to your blog immediately mom!"  I tell her all the time she should start a blog.

Do you have any wonderful or awful memories from Middle School teachers?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sophia's 12

Today is Sophia's 12 Birthday. 

I went to the hospital 12 years ago on Martin Luther King's Holiday on a Monday.  I came out as a mom with a 6 lb. baby on my arms.  There were hard days and endless nights when she was a baby but we've made it for 12 years. 
When Sophia was born my sister was in her first trimester pregnant with her firstborn.  My nephew Isaac was born on August of the same year.  They are 7 months apart and love each other.  They attended the same school during their Kindergarten and First grade years.  They once met at the nurse's office because on separate incidents they got hurt.  They hugged each other and cried together.  When my sister and her family moved to Hemet Sophia was hoping Isaac would go to her school but it just didn't happen.  
Sophia says Isaac is her favorite cousin because he is always kind and caring.


I took this picture last summer at my mom's trying to simulate the baby picture.
Our babies are growing up way to fast!

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Party and a lesson in confidence.

So here are some pictures of the Quinceanera we attended last Saturday.  For those of you that don't know a Quinceanera is sort of like a Sweet Sixteen party (except the girls turns fifteen) some people go all out and spend all kinds of money!!  This was a very nice party.  The lighting was weird and everything looked pink and I am not good at picture taking under such circumstances.  Then when they opened the dance floor everything looked blue!  Oh well...

The food was delicious, it was chicken with a sort of chipotle sauce.  I was the designated driver so I drank punch with the kids...anyways I only drink wine at my house and when no one except my husband and kids are in the house.  I feel kind of weird if someone else sees me with a glass of wine.

Anyways, you know I don't dance but I still had a great time.
I was taught a magic trick by my husband's uncle (he really was teaching Xavi)
but I got to practice balancing  a quarter and a fork on a wine glass without touching the glass
the hard part was balancing two forks :/

I got to wear a little extra make up and my pointy high heels about 2 1/2 inch high heels by the way.  I am so insecure that I kept asking Sophie if I looked alright.  She asked me if you feel uncomfortable why do you wear extra make up?  She really got me thinking there.  My Sophie is so confident she does not care what people think of her.  She wears her curls loose all the time and she loves it. To the party she wore a sheer dress and her tennis shoes with some fluffy socks.  I kept asking her even a few hours before the party if she wanted to wear some flats and she kept saying no.  I wish I had her confidence and her cheerful attitude.

Here is a little taste of her confidence.  I admire her, I really do!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Break Observations and wind down...

Today is the first day that I get back to my regular routine.  The kids had two weeks off school and went back to school last week.   My husband had three weeks off and went back to work just today.  This past Saturday we went to a QuinceaƱera (will share pics this week) and yesterday was my baby bother's Birthday.  He turned 40!!  haha it's all a joke until it happens to you ah??  We were at his house celebrating with him.  What a way to finish the Holidays! 

This is my brother and my dear mom

One day while I was falling asleep last week I started thinking of how everybody liked to spend their days off.  My husband watched at least two movies a day (he likes watching all those bloody fake movies with the girls with skimpy shorts that get killed he calls them low budget movies and in those gruesome scenes full of blood where they saw off the limbs he laughs and says that's what she gets!, Valeria slept in late but I mean very late and did not put down her ipod, Sophia listened to music on her ipod or read the whole time, Xavi played games on the computer, dumped his legos, all over the house, rode his bike, played with his cars.  I think he was the only one with a little more variety on the activities. There were also many many the trips to the refrigerator and pantry they seemed endless like if they had not eaten in days and were starving.  Following are a few observations during the break that I think were funny and exactly show everybody's personality around here!

*Everybody took the break so seriously like I explained before.  The day started in pajamas and it ended that way (for most people at the house)  Whenever I attempted to sit and watch a movie or check my email suddenly someone needed my help :/  No kidding I only managed to watch one Netflix movie by myself and a few with the family altogether.

*With so much traffic the kitchen floor was impossible to keep clean impossible I tell you.

*Kids cannot save a little money, they had some Christmas money that was burning a hole in their pockets, specially Xavi counting the money from his birthday in late September he spent $130 in a couple of trips to the store, he got plenty of Legos and toys and oh and I was lucky I convinced him to buy a pair of shoes.

*Whenever my husband stopped at the store he made sure the fridge and pantry were well stock.  
His items:  
beef jerky, 
 and Hershey's Chocolate
...apparently the only food groups he knows :/

* I kinda felt guilty about out weather here in Cali specially last week while more than half of the country was frozen.  At this very moment we are having July weather.

The house feels empty and hollow now. But I miss the noise and the commotion I miss being together with my family.  Lots of mixed emotions for me today. 
I know everybody is counting down the days for another holiday or at least a long weekend to enjoy some time off again.  I guess it's part of our nature even though we take breaks so differently.

Today I am off to the dentist.  I had to change dentists after several years of visiting my old dentist. 
That does not make me happy a new dentist, no way :( What a way to go back to the grind

Monday, January 6, 2014

45 by 45

Only so that I feel that I've accomplished something during my lifetime I've decided to start my 45 by 45 bucket list.  I will be 45 on September 2016 so I have less than three years to complete it.

Some of the goals on the list  are a piece of cake, some are a bit more complicated and yet other ones are  more ambitious. I want you to know that all the things on the list that involve money I plan to finance myself with the earning of my etsy shops.  I think my goals are very much attainable or easy to be accomplished.  Nothing like visiting Africa or jumping off a plane... Miss Val?  are you out there??  So hopefully I will be crossing them off and blogging about them.

1.  Wear a bathing suit to a beach or lake, or at least some short shorts.
2.  Sew a piece of clothing.
3.  Knit a hat.
4.  Knit a a pair of gloves. (done)
5.  Knit a pair of socks.
6.  Get a makeover. (done)
7.  Take my sis out for breakfast.
8.  Get a mani.
9.  Watch a classic movie. (done)
10.  Read at least three books. (the lover)
11.  Read Poetry. (done)
12.  Do a vlog post.
13.  Sew a purse.
14.  Needle felt something.
15.  Try a new vegetable. (done)
16.  Try a new dish at a restaurant.
17.  Try a new drink.
18.  Plant an indoor herb garden (done)
19.  Go to the movies by myself.
20.  Watch the sunset and sundown on the same day.
21.  Have a mother-daughter date.
22.  Go to a jazz concert.
23.  Try liquid eyeliner.
24.  Take dance lessons.
25.  Embroider something.
26.  Cross stitch my family
27.  Learn how to bind a book.
28.  Make sushi for my husband.
29.  Feed a homeless person. (done)
30.  Make a donation to a charity.
31.  Fly a kite.
32.  Learn about the constellations. (done)
33.  Stay up late watching movies  by late I mean past 12:00  am. (done)
34.  Learn how to invest and possibly invest. (done)
35.  Weave a basket.
36.  Sleep under the stars.
37.  Build something with pallets. (done)
38.  Photograph a rainbow.  (done)
39.  Get a pedi.
40.  Go whale watching.
41.  Make handmade soap. (done)
42.  Make decorative candles.
43.  Learn some massage techniques.
44.  Have a mother-son date.   (done)
45.  Enjoy my 45th Birthday! (done)

Yikes!  no pressure Claudia you can do it...
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