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Friday, May 30, 2014


This is the last day of school for the kids  It has been a busy week, awards assembly, family picnics, book fairs, puzzle and movie days, patriotic program...I gotta remember each one of the events!!

so I really join the kids on the feeling of free at last!!

Time  to brag now  Xavi got two medals! a gold one for his reading scores and another one for perfect attendance plus a certificate!  Hey don't I deserve a medal as well?  After all I made him read all year long and took him to school on time every single day.  I am just kidding of course, the fact is that the best reward of all is seeing him kiss his medals as he received them. 

Last year as we headed for summer I had lots of plans...this time I have none.
I will just plan to wake up and see what the day brings about! Go where the wind takes me! I sound like a hippie ah??  No, not really I do have a family to tend to but I really don't have any plans. 

I will be taking a blogging break during this time and do plan to pop up by your blogs to catch up with you guys. I might also post here and there.

I am not a social butterfly.  Although I am on instagram,  I am not very active on it at the time but might just might take up on it during this time just to stay connected but I repeat just might!  I am not one to take pictures of everything I eat or let the world know that I run out of toilet paper :/

If you are on instagram let me know so that I can follow you and if you'd like to follow me you can do that under the name of moncy3

Enjoy your Summer and see you soon my friends.



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

bathroom dresser

This was supposed to be a before and after post but there is no before picture...I was so excited I forgot to take one, my husband did though but he deleted the picture :( 

Maybe I should start the story at the beginning you see I been wanting a bathroom dresser for a while now because I was just storing my bathroom towels in a basket.  So one Saturday morning I mentioned it to my husband and showed him my pinterest board where I had pinned some ideas. Go ahead he said let's look for one on Craigslist.  I did and was not successful, those things take time right?  even on thrift shops you have to keep looking and looking.  So that morning we headed for yard sales like we do some times.

Guess want I got lucky!!  I found it!  I found the perfect dresser for only 15 dollars I saw it and fell in love instantly!  How lucky am I?  only 15 dollars? as my husband and I were putting it in the back of the truck a lady parked behind us and told the seller "oh you sold that already?"  Yes, lady it's sold can't you see we're putting it in the back of our truck?!  It's been paid for and we are taking it home! of course I didn't say any of this, I am not rude like that but these words went through my mind with excitement as I had snatched it and it was mine now.  I only smiled and nodded a yes...

So the next Sunday we went out for breakfast, went towel shopping at kohls, we stopped for some paint got home and I could not wait to get started.  This is where the before picture should be!  But no such thing like I mentioned at the beginning, Javier said he downloaded the picture but cannot find it I say he deleted it.

Anyways, the dresser had some glass which I didn't really care for because I wanted chicken wire instead.
I took off the hardware and did some sanding.
A little paint...
It took me half a day to paint it but it sat in the garage for an ENTIRE WHOLE WEEK before my husband and neighbor carried it upstairs. 
Once it was upstairs all decked out I loved it some more!
New towels always feel great don't you agree?
I asked everybody over and over...how do you like it?  my husband liked it a lot, the kids did too but said loose the creepy pictures!  No, I like them.
I really liked the color and how it all came together. 
I plan to put some flowers on the top baskets, I really don't know how long will it take my dear husband to install the chicken wire but if it does not happen I am still happy with it!  oh and the middle knob is in its place now it needed a screw I just couldn't wait any longer to share with you guys!  I am happy I get to stare at my bathroom dresser every single day!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am a fan of overcast days.  A nice break from the beating sun.  I love it when clouds move with the wind and let the sun rays show up here and there...only here and there that's how I like it.  The landscaping is sketched with different colors and shades all throughout the day.  A cloudy day invites to stay home watch movies, sip on hot chocolate and crochet all day long, but only in a perfect world and we are in the middle of Spring and Summer is just around the corner I know I know. 

What's not to like about a cloudy day??

Monday, May 19, 2014

morning laughs

Being honest here lately Sophia has not contributed much to my morning laughs segment on this little blog of mine...No she hasn't!  In a way I get it she is growing up, her interests are changing, hormones fluctuating, sometimes she is happy and all of a sudden she flips out, her patience is very little specially with her little brother. Yes she does, she takes it out on him... he is her scape goat.  Truth is he can get on people's nerves at times. Most of the time I catch it and of course talk to her about but at times I am sure I don't.  Last week I learned a new word berate, I've never heard it before but with this picture that Xavi drew it made it totally easy to understand the meaning.  I was saddened by looking at it.  
His facial and body expressions says it all and Sophia's tone of voice just kills me.  
They used to play together, and hold hands together while walking.  Good thing he is very forgiving and always telling her how much he loves her and hugs her.  I hope this phase passes soon,  I remind Sophia the first words that came out of her mouth when Xavi was born "Yay I have someone to play with".  
Anyways if you grew up with brothers and sisters you know what this is all about.

But there is hope or so I think a few days ago I was in the kitchen and I overheard Sophia telling Xavi "I love you" What?? I couldn't help it but be surprised!  She noticed my amazement and said  "what?  
I haven't said it in a long time and I felt like saying it"  that's my girl! 

one more thing...on Friday she was trying very hard to open a childproof bottle  "YES, YES!! I'VE PROVED MYSELF...I AM NOT A CHILD ANYMORE!  she yelled frantically once she opened it...
 what was that bottle? ironically her gummie bear vitamins! She is trying so hard to grow up, my dear child.

Should I consider this a contribution to the segment of morning laughs?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

morning laughs

Every day as I pick up Xavi after school he greets me lovingly with the words "mom I missed you so much, I thought of you all day long!" how sweet and caring of him.  He has always been like that a lovable and caring boy.  Last week he added one more line to his greeting, he told me...

"I bet if I tested all the moms in the world you would be the bestest one, you would be the one for me".

That warmed my heart and almost made me teary eyed.  These are moments truly to be cherished...

 This past Mother's Day he had a little surprise for me...breakfast in bed! 

Of course I thanked him we hugged I also told him
"Xavi I love your picture you came out great!"  Mom that's you he replied...
oh yeah I see the short hair and the red lips. :/

On the other hand last week I asked Sophia to give me a kiss as I dropped her off to school and she said eww!! no mom let's not do this.  I'll give you a kiss at home.

I guess it's not cool to kiss your parents in front of your peers when you are 12 years old.

Anyways I'll just keep the happy memories on this post. sigh*

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Just like in Beverly hills the houses on the hills are the ones with more real state value.  Nice to live up there to not have noisy or nasty neighbors, to have a great view of the city.  But rethinking that I wouldn't want to get caught up there in the middle of the night all dark, what if there is a power outage?, an emergency?  a wild animal roaming the house? maybe the chupacabras??   Nay! I'd rather live in the city as a simple peasant.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Viva la Vida VivaVoxBox

Ok guys it's time to share my VivaVoxBox.   It's a goodie box complimentary from influenster for testing purposes.  Free.  Who does not like to receive free items?  I don't see many hands up.  It came just in time to pamper myself, lately I've had some days that I've been feeling blahh~!...

Here are some of the fun stuff I received this time:
NYC New York Color City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color

The Fuel Rewards Network at Shell

Pure Ice Nail Polish

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths

Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Masks

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Cocoa Radiant

I love receiving these boxes because it gives me the opportunity of trying things that I normally wouldn't buy  myself.  For example this red shade named South Berry Ferry it's hard to see on this picture because of the lighting but is has a very nice pigmentation very very red and it glides just like a crayon ;) 

Here I am wearing my MontagneJeunesse #FaceBeauty masque...I don't mean to scare you I just want to thank @Influenster definitely you should give it a try! you know the skin benefits of honey and coconut plus it's super rich and thick. It took a little while to dry but more relaxing time :)  the convenience of ready made cannot be beat.

Here I am trying Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths. They're perfect to remove makeup at night or just clean your face!! They won't dry your face at all and they are the perfect size. I think they are also perfect for Sophia who thinks washing her face it's another chore.

Definitely like the sparkles on my nails! See I tell you I would paint my nails but really would not have bought sparkly nail polish...thanks to influenster I see now that sparkles look good.

With these Summer like temperatures it's time to show some legs and Vaseline Spray & Go it's so convenient you can carry it along with you moisturizes deeply and absorbs quickly non greasy and leaves your skin smelling great!

Last I have to be honest I don't pump gas at shell so the Shell Fuel Rewards Network I will just have to pass it along if you are interested email me at claudiaaguilar_99@yahoo.com

Influenster lets me turn my social influence into rewards while at the same time I pamper myself :0
You can do that too if you register as well.

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from influenster, 
all opinions are mine.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I hate Santa Ana...winds that is, they are gusty strong winds that originate inland and affect coastal Southern California. They blow mostly in autumn and winter, but can arise at other times of the year also like the past two days :(   Summer like temperatures in this arising month of May don't help .  
By the way Happy May Day. 

It's just been awful these couple of days specially yesterday to resume serious winds 70-75 miles per hour, air quality terrible, no visibility because of sand storms.  High temperatures and  no moisture means everything is very dry and lots fuel for fires to start quickly, Yesterday we were out of power for more than 10 hours, the kids got home and were like WHAT NO WIFI??  That was the worst part for them. It was so sad for me seeing broken trees all over the city.

We have one more day before the Santa Ana looses its grip.
I know we Californians complain too much weather wise because we are just used to sunny days, but I've never certainly experienced such hurricane strong Santa Ana winds have you??

I have to remind myself this shall pass.

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