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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo a Day Challenge December

                               Photo a day challenge in December following FatMumSlim prompts

23.  Tradition...I love buying the kids Christmas socks each year.  They expect it now and also love it.

24.  Wrapped...but not for long as Mexicans we open Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve but leave some for Christmas morning too.

25.  Best bit of your Day... Hand drawn Christmas Cards!

26.  Where you slept...right on my own bed, we are so enjoying our Christmas break. 

27.  What you are doing now...baking a flan, it's been so long since I've made one.
 I hope it comes out good.

28.  Something awesome...

 29.  Reflect best bit of 2013...not exactly the best but certainly a moment of reflection.

30.  You...yes me and my little partner in crime.  Last selfie of the year.

31.  Celebrate..I once celebrated like it was 1999, oh wait it was!  December 31st 1999.
This is an old picture but I love it.  My husband is so handsome!

Happy 2014 friends and readers.  I wish for blessings and nothing but the best to you this New Year, Cheers!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Photo a Day Challenge December

Photo a day challenge in December following FatMumSlim prompts

 16.  Makes you feel Merry...Xavi's class will sing carols to the Senior Citizens at the Fire Station

 17.  Tree...My neighbor's tree, the tree in front of my house is half bare.

 18.  Big... lots of  big tress here.

 19.  'Tis the Season, yes it is!

 20.  I'm listening to...the radio but have to take turns with my copilot.

21.  On the Door...roaring bear eating a reindeer.

 22.  Sparkly...moon light  and Christmas lights.

My husband's grandfather passed away last week.
He will be put to rest  tomorrow.

Sleep in Heavenly peace Ramon Villa.

Merry Christmas my friends.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Silent Monks Sing the Hallelujah Chorus

How do silent monks sing in a choir?  yes silent monks that are under a vow of silence.  I came across this video on facebook and it is a must see.

There you have it...that's how they sing!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Photo a Day Challenge December

Photo a day challenge in December following FatMumSlim prompts

 11.  Green..oh how I strive to keep my greens alive in and outdoors :/

12.  Joy is...pure joy

13.  Composition...rule of thirds, but then again what do I know?

14.  Drink...I recently found the many benefits of chai tea.  
Don't judge me I have been living in a cave.
Three weeks ago I came across this recipe from  A beautiful Mess
Sophia and I loved it :)

 15.   Lights...Christmas at the Mansion, we attended this even last night. It was fun.

It is a beautiful winter day here in the Valley! We are very lucky when it comes to weather this time of year. The high temperature today in Sioux Falls is 16, Reno is 39, Nashville 37, Buffalo 24, 
and Hemet comes in at a nice 75!

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh, Christmas tree

The first Christmas tree that I remember when I was a child (probably six or seven) was a white fake little tree. I remember my brother picked it and at first we were not too fond of it.  I guess we wanted a green one but we got to love it and had it for years. We decorated  it with what you now would call blue Christmas balls  made out of thread in royal blue color.  A few years later the thread of the balls was coming undone but we still loved the little tree. It was really gorgeous! 

Then later still at my parent's house we started buying the real thing the fresh cut Christmas trees a 6-7 footer. It's a lovely tradition and we do it here at mi casa year after year even if the kids knock it down.

I know everybody loves the long lasting pleasing aroma of a fresh cut Christmas tree, the decorating part, the excitement and joyous feeling, the lights, the holiday decor, the holly-jolly spirit  but unfortunately here in my house, most people don't help with the cleanup or watering so the tree stays alive longer. I am not trying to be a Grinch I am just being honest here.  I've tried time after time to convince my family to buy a fake Christmas tree but they don't agree with me.  We would save money reusing it and it would make my job easier when it comes the the daily cleanup of the pine needles falling. 
The only thing they would miss is the aroma.
Here are a few fake trees that I found along the way looking for ideas.

Recycled cardboard Christmas tree

How bout some pallet trees?  You know I love pallets :)

This year for monetary and budget reasons we decided to skip the tree surprisingly the kids were fine with the decision I thought they would not like it .

We also decorated around the house and brought out our little Nativity Scene. 
 After all, Jesus is the reason for the season.

As for the fake trees my favorite one is the cardboard tree,
I don't know if I can convince the family one day.
Which one of those fakes trees would you prefer if any?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Photo a Day Challenge December

Photo a day challenge in December following FatMumSlim prompts

7. 6 O'clock...am of course, a view to the valley my backyard!

8.  I shop here...after we drop off Xavi Sophia and I go to Walmart or Target to do some shopping.

9.  This is the weather today...very misleading it was very windy and cold.  
We've been on frost advisory for 5 days now brrrr :(

10.  R is for...road on my way to the Post Office

Hope you guys are having a great week.  I just can't help it but I have to share this pic.
Here I am trying to make sure that Lola's wound heals properly and here she is horsing around

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Featured artist from Lemiecreazionidarte

Today I bring to you an interview from etsy shop
her owner lives in Italy has a passion for creating things.  I couldn't agree more on her last line but please don't cheat read the whole interview you will enjoy it I promise.

1.Tell us as little or as much as you would like about yourself.
I graduated from high school in fashion design, later life led me onto different other paths, I worked for
several years in tourism and I indulged my real passion for travel. Over the years I have always had
a passion for needle, sewing, sketches designs and thread as a hobby in my spare time. Currently at
age 38 I am a full-time mom and wife, I have a 21 month old son, and in January will come the second
little one.  I live near the sea in the center of Italy, I move here after my wedding, I was born and raised
near famous Venice. I love cooking and crafts!!

2. What do you sell?
In my shop currently you can find creations for home, kitchen, decoration, crochet or embroidered
items for baby, fashion craft clothing, sketches, favors, bags etc perfect unique, customized
and made with love objects. I also sell bags and other creations made in part from recycled materials, I
believe in sustainability and conservation of the earth for our future generations, I believe that in
developed west world especially, we throw away too much stuff and also new that could be reused and
thus reduce energy waste and economic.  This is why sometimes I like to re-fashion a used tissue or
maybe a jacket that is almost new, to create another object. I have new ideas, soon new arrivals in my shop!

Christmas Cards
3. Why handmade?
Handmade because I like to use my hands, I have good manual skills and I like to accomplish many things,
use brushes, colors, needles wires, ribbons. I also got tired of always seeing around objects that are
identical, standard production and mass, maybe two cents. The idea of owning something unique,
made just for me or a few pieces is a fantastic idea and makes me feel important. Then there stands, creating new ideas, originality and distinction!

Hand painted canvas tote
4. Where does your inspiration to create come from and/or your inspiration in life?
My inspiration to create comes from different sources, sometimes I open the closet and find things
that I looked for a long time or worn 1 time or with the price tag, things that I liked the color once, but a detail that now no longer went well, but looking at them I could see well the other other
creations, a bit like Michelangelo who in the piece of marble sculpture already imagined the inside over
and he chisel only the excess material. For me it is a bit like that in most of my creations I "guess" and
I see it over already, I just have to work to achieve my vision.
Other times some work evolves during creation, I realized embroidery I think use to them in
one way and then the other hand are finished from other parts in short, I draw from various sources.
A picture in a magazine can be inspiring, but then realized always in a staff according to my taste!

5. Besides creating what else do you do? Do you have a full time job?
I do not have a "regular" job day, unfortunately I had to leave just before having children. In the future I
would like to grow my business and creative work from home so that I can manage family and art.
 I can tell “This is my dream”.

6. When did you start thinking you were an artist?
An artist? I do not call myself an artist but I think I'm an artisan with good manual skills and many
interests ... I feel so when someone tells me, "You're very good, I do not even know where to start ... I
can not do anything." 

Lavender sachet bags
7. Who has been most influential in your craft work?
School gave me the basics of creativity,  my family and friends who have "accepted"
my first strange creations. Also living in Italy, with regard to fashion, craftsmanship and made
in Italy have developed my sense of  beauty and aesthetics.

8. Where would you like to be in five years?
 Five years from now my children will be grown will go to school and I will have more time for my creations,
 my husband's dream is to live in the mountains, open a BB, and create my beautiful creativity
laboratory, having done well my online activities all over the world. I would love to collaborate with
retailers or other creators in various countries so as to distribute my creations to make life more
beautiful to my buyers.

9. Is there anything you'd like to try doing that you haven't done?crafts, sports, life in general?
I wish I could do some more traveling to some parts of the world that I have not visited and that I should
know better, I would love to do the New York marathon at least once, I wish I could be the
president of the state to change a few things that need to be improved, I wish I could have lunch with
Francis Pope and cook for him! And then maybe do a bungee jump over a river! And find the
courage to do it :-)
Fashion Handbag
10. Besides online where else do you sell?
For now I only sell online, a long time ago I worked with a shop where I sold some of my
creations, but then with the birth of my son I have suspended all activities outside the home I can not
neglect my family, (you know in the Italian family is very important :-) tease us for it.)
I also feel that we need to find the right channels and propose where to appreciate the handmade.
Markets often do not understand what it costs to craft work, hours of work, attention to detail, and seeks
only the occasion or the price, you have to love and understand the value dell'handmade is priceless.

Ways to contact you:

Friday, December 6, 2013

Photo a day challenge December

Photo a day challenge in December following FatMumSlim prompts

 3.  silver

4.  Tiny
At 6 months and 7 lbs not so tiny anymore Diamond Lola was spayed this week.
She misses Lucky :(

5.  In the cupboards
Remember I had no cabinets or cupboards in my kitchen?  this is way overdue, but I'd like show you that during the summer my husband installed stainless steel shelves instead of cabinets.  This completes my kitchen.

  6.  Shadow
Lucky is lonely now, he misses Lola while she is recovering from surgery.

Happy Friday!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Featured artist from Feltinga

Hello dear friends and readers here's is another artist interview.  Today I bring to you the shop Feltinga her owner is a philologist.  I do have to confess I had to goggle philologist ha ha!  I learned a new thing.  Please enjoy the interview and visit Feltinga the shop.  

1. Tell us as little or as much as you would like about yourself?
I live in Lithuania, small country in Eastern Europe. By education I am philologist and project manager. My full time job is not related with crafts – I am civil servant. So when I am at home I need to do very different things: to give a rest for my brain, to give a job for my hands and to release my fantasy. Of course, so far as my masculine family – husband and two sons (8 and 16) - lets (they are always hungry).  But... they are my best helpers in IT, photo making and even products making – few of listings in Feltinga are made by my elder son! Felting is my hobby, not my full time job, so I have no special studio for it. That‘s why I get use of every premise in our house: I keep my supplies in cloakroom, felt in bathroom or sitting room, use to dry my felts near fireplace or in the warmest house place near the big window, make pictures under the skylight....So our house looks like a house of people with lots of hobbies: my children love LEGO, husband loves DIY, model making, gardening... And...my felts. We have no pets, so my felts are safe here.

2. What do you sell?
I've became acquainted with felting some 10 years ago when birth of small felt ball caught my eye during the public event of our regional museum. But it took about 5 years to summon up my courage, to find free time, to set free the fancy in order to take a flock of wool into my hands. And now I can't imagine my leisure without felting. Wool is amazing material, very plastic and very friendly with the fuller, wearer and other materials composing solid work. I do not limit myself doing one kind works. Brooches, necklaces, earrings, wristlets, bracelets, slippers, wool decorated glass vases, belts, shawls, gloves, Christmas, Easter decor, outfit is not finite list of the range of my creative works.
Garland felt wool balls
3. Why handmade?
When hands are working, the brain has rest... When hands make something special the soul has joy... Making things with your own hands is a sort of meditation for me. If you succeed you feel the great satisfaction. Your satisfaction is double when the client is happy with his purchase and especially when she/he comes back.
Bauble Christmas Tree ornaments
 4.  Where does your inspiration to create come from and/or your inspiration in life?
Colors... I love all colors: bright, neutral, pastel, pale, dark...Now I miss spring, it is so cold here, so I compensate this shortage with the colors of my felts. Constantly changing nature, flowers, sky... Other creations...

5.  Besides creating what else do you do? Do you have a full time job?
Felting is my hobby, very different from my full time job. I‘m civil servant in local municipality. Besides of felting I have more hobbies – travel, cinema, theater, books... Old things with history – that‘s why I have opened my second shop on etsy LivePastVintage.
Felt wool balls
 6.  When did you start thinking you were an artist?
I don‘t think I‘m an artist... I have no artistic background, only love for everything what is beautiful... I learned felting myself from websites, from experience of other felters.

7.  Who has been most influential in your craft work?
My colleague knew my passion for felting and once in 2012 she showed me cute felted product on internet. The product was listed on Etsy. I started to browse and suddenly it become clear that Etsy was what I needed - the place for my creations and a mean for my little extra. It is a perfect place for soul mates, I've found a lot of fantastic friends here.
My family and home is my fortress and supporters. Husband and kids evaluate my new items, give advices, help with IT, my parents find new vintage items and supply with ecological Lithuanian wool from their small farmhouse.
Nuno felted yellow flower shawl
 8.  Where would you like to be in five years?
I would like to be in the same place with the same beloved people...

9. Is there anything you'd like to try doing that you haven't done? Crafts, sports, life in general?
There are still a lot of beautiful places in our world I have never been and a lot of great books I have never read...

10. Besides online where else do you sell?
Almost nowhere. Unless my friends, colleagues or neighbors ask to felt something.

Ways to contact you:

Friday, November 29, 2013

AAAAIIIIEEEE!! Busy week in pictures.

The Holidays are such busy times, and they are here.
This past week was such a busy week for me even though the kids and husband had a whole week off.

My husband's little red truck just quit on him on the middle on the freeway last week 40 miles before getting to his destination uughh!  The truck is 20 yrs old so we cannot expect much from it really.
The kids and I had to drive to San Diego to go pick him up on Friday since the truck was towed to the mechanics. I picked them up from school a bit early to avoid rush hour.  Unfortunately it rained almost all the way.  I hate driving in the rain.
But then right when we get to San Diego it was sunny!  You can see the Pacific Ocean right on this picture.  It all worked out since my husband worked on Saturday I got to spend all day at my mom's. The we drove back to Hemet Saturday night.

Sunday really felt like a Saturday.  It was like the weekend got shortened.   
My husband and the kids had the whole week off school and work like I mentioned earlier.
 Xavi signed up for a sort of fun school camp on Monday from 8-12 pm he came home all excited and happy from all the fun things he did including a puff car.
He came home and perfected it with a roof.  He used up all of my deco tape oh well :/
it came out cute or so I believe.
My husband prepared a wall so that when Xavi came back from camp they had a small painting session and some male bonding.  I was happy to see some of that blue gone, it was here when we bought the house and to get rid of it basically it all comes down to money.  Although they did not entirely finished some progress was done :)

Then on Tuesday my mother in law came to visit. It's always fun to spend time with the family. 
I was also able to squeeze a couple of bike rides during the week during the chilly mornings.  It's nice to see leaves falling and the gorgeous colors on the trees.

For Thanksgiving we drove to San Diego to my brother's, him and his wife just bought a new house and we celebrated there.
 It was so funny when I asked what time is the turkey ready everyone pointed to the sign on the wall.
This was the fried one and it came delicious nom nom!
These two are my niece and nephew.  They are fourteen years old.   Their mothers were pregnant (now my ex sisters in law) with them when they attended my wedding back in 1999. 
It's just ridiculous how short I am :(  ugghh!
After Thanksgiving feast we crossed the border to Mexico to celebrate some more at my father in law's.  There were some of my husband's aunts, uncles and cousins.
It was nice to spend time with them and catch up.
We spent the night there.

It is not your imagination but my camera had a fingerprint on the prior two pictures :(
What is a trip to Mexico without eating tacos?
Of course we stopped this morning for some breakfast.
If you've been in Mexico you know you have to experience eating tacos on the street.
I highly recommend it.  This taco stand was full for a reason. 
Then we headed to the border and drove back to Hemet.

I feel really blessed because I live 1 1/2 hours away from my native country.
I can get the best of both worlds.
I have a Cuban neighbor and I am pretty sure he cannot say
I had breakfast in Cuba and dinner at home in the US.
I do! I am able to say I had breakfast in Mexico and dinner in the US.

So this is how I spent my week, full of family food and excitement.  For all of these simple things I give thanks even for the little broken red truck.

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
and are enjoying your Holidays.

As far as Black Friday, no not for me.  I've never been shopping on a Black Friday.
Even though temping I hate abusing plastic!
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