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Monday, September 26, 2016

this is how we do it

Hello guys!  I apologize if after reading my post title the song this is how we do it ♪ ♫ is stuck in your head for at least half of the day.

But honestly, this is how we do it (again ♫ ♪) 
 We eat dinner early in the afternoon as soon as everybody gets home from work and school.  
Emma would roam the floor while I cook dinner in the middle of the day. 
She just loves to hang with me.  I don't worry too much about her being on the floor because she needs to build up her immune system anyways.  As long as she does not get the bubonic plague :/


I must confess that I now dream about soccer and referees and goals and off sides since Xavi joined indoor soccer now he has 2 games on Saturdays and 1 on Sunday. sigh.  Oh and I also dream of rehearsals and new dance moves  since Sophie joined a competition team. I must tell you too that Emma and I started going to mommy and me classes.  I have been a busy bee lately!  

Now tell me how have you been my friends?
Hopefully good! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

Hello, hello how are you my friends? What's new with you guys?
 nothing much with me just same ol' same ol' well I do have a couple of things to share.

For the good and the bad I 'd like to tell you  that Javier has been on a cleaning and decluttering mode for the past two weeks.  He does say straight out "I am on a cleaning mode" and he would start getting rid of things that "he thinks" need to be gone...well I warned the kids "your dad is on cleaning mode so If want things that you love, appreciate or want to keep and they are out of place or in disarrangement you better find a good place for them because he really is on a cleaning spree!"  That's the bad part :(

But the good good part is that cleaning does free you and makes you feel lighter don't you agree?  Besides, cleaning the pantry, cleaning file cabinets getting rid of old papers, cleaning out closets getting rid of clothes that haven't been worn in years I have been cleaning out my inbox as well.  I confess I am quick at subscribing to newsletters...but when I check my email I am overwhelmed and just delete delete...It's just sad for me because I wish I had the time but really don't.
So there! cleaning is the good thing :)

I'd like to also share that the first weekend of September we fiesta like there was no maƱana.  It's been awhile since we've gone to a Birthday party and this one was NICE :)

 We went to a 10 year old twins Birthday Party Mexican style.  It was fun and I am sure to say that Emma was the one who had the most fun.  You see she was free to roam around the whole time! We could not keep her sitting down staying still.  I mean how could we?  she's only 18 months right?? So yes she was free to walk around, squeeze in between tables and chairs, smile, mingle,  talk to people, she ate candies, ate food, drank juice and all those things you do at Birthday parties. But it was hard to keep track of where she was among all the people and there was quite a few people. Sophie had the  most brilliant idea she's ever had!  we tied a red balloon on Emma's waist so that we could locate her quickly!

We also had fun taking pictures!  I am sad to say that with all the things I have to carry with Emma, diaper bag, snack bag, toy bag etc etc It's hard to remember and carry my camera too.
So these pictures were taken with my crappy cell phone camera.

So you see there in the background there's my little red balloon. pardon me my daughter. 

I also like to share that last Friday I completed another prompt from my 45 by 45 list!
Enjoy my 45th birthday! 
I turned 45 yikes!  I let nothing ruin the day because you know sometimes things do happen.
Honestly and truly I savored the day!
Emma and I went on a bike ride early in the morning, didn't do much housework (purposely).
Valeria came over from San Diego and in the afternoon all six of us went out to eat so I didn't cook :)
After that we went out and bought a chocoflan...if you haven't had it just click on the link to see all the images and your mouth will water I promise. Allow me to also mention that every time Emma saw the cake she would start singing "appy appy" her version of Happy Birthday.
Sophie has been good and helping me portion my slices.  She does watches after me because I could eat half a cake in one sitting and that is not a good thing.

It's been a while since we've spent an afternoon all together because of Valeria's work schedule.  
On Saturday we drove to San Diego and celebrated some more at my mom's.  

Then on Sunday Xavi had a tough game but the boys came through from a loosing score on the first half 0 to 2 they beat the other team 4 to 3 that was exciting!
then we finish the afternoon watching a movie at home and went to bed early on Sunday :)
So there, I actually enjoyed my whole weekend how is that??

I hope you have been good and hope this week is a productive one for all of us!

ps I know I only did about a third of the items on my list this time it is really a bucket list :/
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