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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap day and wedding custom listings

Happy Leap Day!  Did you know that there is a one in 1,461 chance a person will be born on a Leap Day.  "Leapsters" will never have a "Golden Birthday."  Leap babies would have to be 116 before they turn 29 on the 29th.  When a baby is born on Leap Day, physicians will often ask the parents to choose either Feb. 28 or March 1 for the birth certificate.  Leap Day is also an excuse for women to propose marriage.  I didn't know all of these I read them on a newspaper ah! :)  Check out more leap day fun facts here.

Talking about marriage and weddings over the course of almost four years selling handmade stationery on etsy. I've had several request for custom listings.  Some of them for weddings.  WEDDINGS!!  wow, that's a heavy word!  It's a special day for a girl!...  It's her magical day and I have been lucky enough to be asked to be a part of it with my little envelopes.  I loved making each one of these special orders.  All of them being unique.

This is my latest custom listing for a wedding:

small wedding custom order

fall wedding custom order

Valentine's wedding custom order

Summer wedding custom order

Vintage wedding custom order

Bold and Colorful wedding custom order
It is certainly a thrill finding the right paper, 
matching the colors to the wedding colors and looking at the final result!
and best of all receiving a big thank you from a happy girl!  the best part of it!

Today I wanted to share with you ;)

Last day to answer my Feb survey! it's on the upper left corner.

Enjoy your extra day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby shower

This past Saturday we went to my sister's baby shower.

This is my sister and her husband.

 Move over belly we can't see the whole cake...
which was delicious by the way I had two servings!

 Here's my sister my mom and me!  I love these two girls!

 And everybody who matters to me is in this picture!  My husband, my mom, my sister and two brothers, their significant others and all of the grand kids.  Basically this is my little family except my dad who is a party popper and never goes out!

On another happy note, we decided to sign the contract so that Xavi will keep taking Tae Kwon Do lessons. He's happy I am happy for him.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Featured artist: Igor from ArtStich

I came across this shop  named Artstich and contacted the owner.  Jelena is the owner she also helps her step dad Igor with the selling of his handmade lovely handmade journals. For those writers out there would you like to get your hands on one of these?? Jelena also helped him with the translation of this interview.  I'd like to thank Jelena who did wonderful doing double work here she was very helpful.  She also has another shop named lariata where she sells handmade jewelry.

1. Tell us as little or as much as you would like about yourself.
Hi, my name is Igor. I live in Estonia, Europe. Our family is not big, just me with my lovely wife and stepdaughter with her children. Currently we have a small rustic house, which is located in a very beautiful national park. It's wonderful to be close to the nature.

Igor and Jelena's son
2. What do you sell?
I love to do journals, notebooks and sketchbooks. Usually I prefer to use only natural materials as linen and cotton. Because I do them myself, it's easy way to do the journal that I need. For example, I have done journal with upcycled assorted paper like lined paper, color paper, pages from scheduler, music sheets, old maps and others. So each time I turn a page I have a different combination of papers. It's funny!

Recycled handmade leather journal
3. Why handmade?
I think that everyone sometimes wants to make something himself. Because he or she needs the beauty around, the convenience, to feel a self  artist, who can create, not only use.

4. Where does your inspiration to create come from and/or your inspiration in life?
I spend all day in nature, I see many birds, animals, insects around me. If I could I want to be writer to create novels about nature.

5. Besides creating what else do you do? Do you have a full time job?
I'm a builder, reconstruct homes, make repairs.

6. When did you start thinking you were an artist?
I do not see myself as an artist. I just do what I do.

Recycled Blue Denim Jeans Handmade journal
7. Who has been most influential in your craft work?
My stepdaughter told me, that she has a shop on Etsy and helps me to fill and maintain it. She said that my beautiful journals must see the world :)

Handmade journal Sketchbook fabric cover in brown, lacy

8. Where would you like to be in five years?
Today should be better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.  I work for achieving this goal both in career & personal life.

9. Besides online where else do you sell?
At the moment I am only online. I've never tried to go to a craft fair.

Large Journal Sketchbook Lace fabric cover
 ways to contact you:

                                                     * shop * email *

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Mail

This whole past week my kids had the whole week off school.  It was nice not having to wake them up early.  I know they enjoyed it, we spent three whole days in San Diego at my mom's and on Thursday I got my tooth fixed.  Then on Saturday we went to my sister's baby shower!  The new baby will be here soon and I cannot wait to meet her.  I love the smell of newborns.

These are some letters that were sent and received lately!


A Birthday card to my brother the fisherman!  My baby brother turned 38!!

 A hello card to Cathy in Canada.

 A Birthday card to Priya.

This handmade get well card to Kathya in Australia

which also served the purpose of a Birthday card!

A Birthday card to my tia (aunt) Lucila in Oregon who shares a B-day with my daughter Sophia.

A handmade Birthday card to Sweet Gracie in Australia.

 A handmade Valentine's card to Ruth from a swap from the Happy Mail project.

A postcard headed to Kansas.


Incoming postcard from Lori in Kansas.

Also from Lori in Kansas

 Received from Gracie in Australia

 Received from Russia.

Now tell me has your mail box been happy lately??

Friday, February 24, 2012

{this moment}

A Friday ritual inspired by  Soulemama

In her words: "A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week.  A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family fun

Me and family started the weekend filled with lots of excitement and fun.

Starting with Friday evening with Xavi's belt pomotion test.  I think I was more nervous that him.  He had to know besides all the moves, skills and breaking technique his family's birthdates, home phone number and address. I am happy to report that things went well.  Today we will go to his class and a ceremony will be held and he will receive his new yellow belt, certificate and trophy.  This will also be his last class and of course he knows it.  Fees are a bit too expensive for us and his ninja career will be cut short (this is a joke of course!)  He is fine with this decision.  I do have to say that if we had the opportunity we'd keep him in the program because he did so good.  His physical ability grew immensely, also his attitude and maturity. 

Here is a short video where he breaks two boards, he did it on the first try!  yay!! I am so proud of my little man!

Following with the fun, on  Saturday morning we headed to Six Flags Magic Mountain a roller coaster park in Los Angeles only 1 1/2 hours away from us.  There are several in the US Have you ever been to one?  My husband went when he was a teenager and so did I.  I went there on several occasions with family and friends  yes, friends you know when 30 or so people fit into two mini vans and the only purpose is to have fun with your friends and stay close to the boy you're fixing your eye upon at the time.

Well this time it was totally a different experience for me.  Javier my husband and Valeria... well mainly her wanted to go on the maximum thrill rides so obviously he had to go with her.  Sophia was caught like in the middle being a thrill seeker in training the poor thing was going back and forth between them and me and Xavi who spent most of the day on the pint size rides in Bugs Bunny World.  I had the most fun watching my little boy having fun on the kiddie roller coasters.

Do you spot him??

Monday, February 20, 2012

Featured artist: Sorina from BijuBrill

This Monday I'd like you to meet Sorina from BijuBrill She has an splendid shop where she sells beautiful leather and crystal jewelry she also just recently opened another shop RenaBags where she sells gorgeous leather handbagsPlease enjoy this interview ;)

1. Tell us as little or as much as you would like about yourself.
I'm a simple person that likes beautiful things. :-) I live in Europe, Romania, in a beautiful town surrounded my mountains called Brasov . I'm a detailed-oriented person, I have studied Psychology and I've always enjoyed drawing, painting and handcrafting. So I started to develop my hobby into a small business by making handmade jewelry.

Sweet Cream Leather Flowers Necklace with Pearls
 2. What do you sell?
I have first started with Swarovski crystals jewelry and than began to work with leather. Now I work with both. I love them equally so I do not want to choose one instead of the other.
I like to create modern jewelry, I've always loved big statement jewelry and I try to spread this trend amongst women. Now I have started a new project with my dear friend and we also sell leather bags and purses.

3. Why handmade?
 I believe that artists (although I have never studied Art School I consider myself an artist :-) ) are able to express themselves through their work and handmade products are the expression of the artist's talent and vision. That's why I love handmade, because it has something personal, it is unique and it has nothing to do with mass production.

 4. Besides creating what else do you do? Do you have a full time job?
I also have a more serious day job, but I get to organize my own time as I am self employed. But It has nothing to do with art :-)

5. When did you start thinking you were an artist?
After starting to create my first pieces of jewelry I got so many compliments from so many people, that actually made me think that I must have some talent and I shouldn't waste it.

6. Who has been most influential in your craft work?
I must say that my teacher from 4th grade, and than my art teacher from 5th grade, that always supported me and sent me to art competitions. From there on, I kept on drawing and never stopped.

Leather Flower Bouquet Necklace with Swarovsky Crystals and Pearls
 7. Where would you like to be in five years?
I really can not say, my life experience has taught me that long term goals are highly possible to fail, so I keep my visions closer to the present. :-)

8. Is there anything you'd like to try doing that you haven't done?
crafts, sports, life in general?
I'd like to travel more around Europe. There are so many wonderful countries to see ( I have visited a few, but I would like to revisit as an adult). and so many different cultures. I love traveling. I am not that much into sports, but I would like to go diving to see the underwater world.

Angelina Jolie inspired emerald earrinngs
9. Besides online where else do you sell?
 I also sell in a small boutique in France and another in Germany.

ways to contact you:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Season's Change Second Edition...Winter Week 9

For a whole year I will try to find the awesomeness included in all four seasons,
perhaps the weather or a nature shot...
maybe display the holidays in turn
who knows?
The sky is the limit.

With all this grey going on...I'd thought a little
splash of color would be nice.  What do you think?
Do you like the color combination?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Valentine's

I found myself asking me what can I do with two pair of gloves?  
 luckily on clearance! 

 Some leftover felt?

 Some thread?

 A needle perhaps?

 And a heart template?

Any guesses??

A pair of heart gloves to make a girl
...or two happy.  One pair went to Sophia and the
second pair will go to my niece.
I am not really big on Valentine's Day as I told my friend Priya 
a kiss on each check muah muah and life goes on...
Besides...I won't see my Valentine until Wednesday.
(by the way check out priya's love bytes)
I tell my husband and my kids that I love them everyday, 
but a little something that will put a smile on the girl's face
is a good idea.

Xavi will be happy with some chocolate!

 Sophia loved her pair.

 And since my niece wasn't here for the photo session, 
Xavi served as my model for the second pair

Today will be a very busy Valentine's Day.  
I got some chores on my agenda:
Xavi is off school at 11:30
Dentist appointment at 12:00
(the little brat has some cavities that need to be taken care of)
Sophia is off School at 2:04
Tae kwon do practice at 3:15
(more on Tae kwon do soon)

Since it's Valentine's day Xavi can bring family and friends to
join him on the class today.
Sophia, my niece and nephew will join Xavi.
Me?, no thanks I will have to pass on that one.

I will enjoy a whole hour where I can just sit and relax
because the evening won't be over yet.

Happy Valentine's Day my friends!!

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