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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

This past week was sort of a countdown the kids got off school on Thursday between awards assemblies the week went super fast by the way Sophie got honor roll and a 4.0 GPA 

We drove to my mom's in San Diego Friday and came back Saturday morning :)

My mother in law visited us from L.A. on Saturday

I'm wearing Xavi's shoes that he decided he does not like anymore he hardly wore them :/

Emma hit her nose and we almost cried with her it's so hard to see that :(  She was ok after a little while

I bought a basket for my bike as Emma kept pick pocketing while I was riding the bike now my cell is safe and I can carry a water bottle :) 

We had a nice barbecue on Saturday, Sunday and on Monday had a relaxing chill day.  

So today it's only my Monday and all kids are in the house/  Lord please help me!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

on being social

I can spend a lot of time online don't you? I do think I spend a great deal of time online. I am guilty of that. I can get lost in waves and waves of information and never ending searches. I love love pinterest I tell you, I love all the inspiration and ideas there I don't think I can ever give that up, honestly there I can be all day.  But that's not a good thing I know I know. Let's not talk about social media ah!? lately I am trying to get away from my personal facebook page, that consumes too much of my time which is precious nowadays with Emma on the loose. I have to get better at budgeting my time online that's for sure.

On being social for advertising purposes for my etsy shops I have never been good.  I guess I have been lazy on that department. Recently I've discovered hashtags! I know I am late on the bandwagon of #s,
I've been living on a cave blah blah blah  but my oh my, it's nice to see that I am getting more views on my items now that I started using them.

One site that I particularly like is instagram.  I have a feeling that it is my time to shine in the world of vintage clothing.  I am certainly not an expert.  I pick items that I like and would wear myself that makes it more fun. I am also playing dress up with the items that fit me haha.  That is helping my self confidence I tell you I have to take a dozen pictures before I upload one.
I am also using a filter just to have a coherent vintage feeling and that helps a bit for me.

Today I have something to say to you all:


 it's fascinating to me right now that's for sure.

what social media do you like to advertise your shops?
do you use hashtags? tell me tell me!
How do you budget your time online?

I am just being curious here :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

These are last week's highlights:

We attended Xavi's award assembly where he received two awards one for Physical Education, the other one for Honor Roll, a gold medal for reading and a Top Reader Trophy.  Only 4 kids got a trophy and he was second place a girl beat him for 6 points only :/ it still wonderful I should have a happy face let's not be that competitive.

Xavi went on a Field trip to Gilman Historic Ranch and Museum where he panned for gold!  :)

Emma has become a pint size explorer a month into walking! She leaves trails of endless pots and pans, toys and trinkets...I am sure this will be a weekly thing on this feature :/

Emma is wiling to try mostly everything that is edible, dark chocolate coffee beans for example.  Future Starbucks addict I see.

We got this credit card statement and I could not figure out what Javier had charged there was no company name on the statement only codes and numbers.  Javier took one look at the statement and told me "I will give you a clue to figure it out you were drunk and you had fun!"  the boxing fight I answered laughing! lol!!

Dentist appointment for Sophie and Xavi and there was a power outage!!  really??  They had finished with Sophie but we had to re-schedule for Xavi!  what a luck!  :(

That incident at the Dental Office really, really got me upset!

Our weekend was nothing exciting, Sophia attended an orientation
for her Library volunteering services this Summer
and Javier ran over a rabbit Saturday night while driving :(
that ruined our night!

How was your weekend my friends??

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What She Wore

Days have been getting warmer and warmer here in Hemet. The kids are counting the days to get out of school.  Sophia will have a very busy Summer volunteering at the Public Library she will be attending a Summer Bridge program that will ease the transition to High School.  High School?? yikes I cannot believe she is starting High School already!  It was in the ninth grade when I came to this country and started
High School knowing no English 26 years ago!  Times does fly!

So here is this week's photo shoot:

Dress and cardigan: thrifted

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Going back to the topic of Summer I guess Xavi, Emma and I 
will have to take lots of bike rides while Sophie is busy

It's Humpday!! Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

There are so many things that go on during the week that it is at times hard to keep track on my blog.  I will use things little corner of the web to document in a small summary all the little things the good the bad and I guess the weird ones too.  The kids love perusing my blog and remember all these little details.  Hopefully one day Emma will too. Wish me luck keeping up with this:

Emma dropped Xavi's tablet, the screen cracked :(

Luckily we had bought insurance and it was repaired in two days :)

Xavi has been talking about a man cave for him and his dad :/

Sophie's had been practicing his dance non stop :)

Open house was held at Xavi's school on Thursday, kids are always proud to show their work :(

A parent at Xavi's school cut me off while drivingin order to get a parking spot...gosh lady do you really want an accident??  I was about to honk on a real road rage episode when I heard "No mom that's so and so's mom!!" the girl that sits next to Xavi in school :/

Xavi's end of the year BBQ  was on Friday, 4th graders are not too thrilled to have lunch with their parents at school :/

I keep signing the songs the kids hear and sing noaways..now I am signing non-stop Ain't your mama by Jennifer Lopez Does this woman even age?? :/

My neighbor asked to borrow my bike...no way he's was getting my new bike :/

On the Weekend we had a wonderful time enjoying Sophia's dance concert.  It was her first and it was just wonderful seeing tots all the way to adults dance to hip hop music.  Kudos from a non-dancer.  After the concert we went to have dinner.

Really did all these things happened??

How was your weekend friends?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

take me anywhere

Today I'd like to share my brother and his Girlfriend's of fifteen years...gosh that deserves the tittle of wife doesn't it??  Anyways, they just started a road trip adventure from California all the way to Panama.  They have taken a year off work and will drive, travel and experience whatever comes along.  
She will document the trip.

You see that little munchkin in the back?  we'll  yes, that's Xavi many moons back.

I am sure this trip will get interesting and cannot wait to see these two, well three again. 
You can follow their journey and documentation here

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I've never talked about this topic here.  Boxing. I don't think so.  I've never liked the sport.  While growing up and with only one TV at home black and white that is (blah...) boxing was the Saturday Night thing.  My parents would watch it and my brothers and I would too.  We would lay on the bed my spot was right at their feet trying to lift my head to watch the TV set on the dresser.  
It was hard on my neck, I hated that! maybe that's why I didn't like the sport o Saturday night.  
Oh and did I mention the black and white TV?  
well, all I remember is the commentator saying: 
"the man in the red boxers" duhh!  black and white remember?  
It was too fast for me to follow and I could never tell who hit who... 

Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan Preview
Canelo Vs Khan

Well things do change.  When I married Javier almost seventeen years ago and him being a fan of boxing.  Well I started watching boxing again.  Some may think that is a barbaric and savage sport.  It is violent, no denying. But in reality is just a spectacle of two men or women willingly trowing punches, they're fit, they're prepared, following rules and with medical back up.  They generate tons of money.

Canelo Alvarez, left, watches after knocking down Amir Khan during their WBC middleweight title fightsource

This past weekend we watched Mexican boxer 
Saul Canelo Alvarez defeat by knockout British boxer Amir Khan. 
We cheered as Canelo punched Khan and sent him to the canvas, 
then  it just happened...silence as  Khan just laid there motionless. We just waited to see if he responded.
Gahh that's the sad part...you cannot help but feel bad for him. Luckily he got up and is fine. 

We made it a family thing.  The kids like watching Mexican boxers on the ring.  Sometimes we go to my mother in law's house in LA to see a boxing match as Javier's brother and his dad like boxing too.  There is always food, family and friends.  But to be honest I enjoy it better in my own house just us, no driving, no sleeping over, no cooking for guests, bra off... Emma was asleep so I had a couple of drinks.
I deserve them right?  

After the fight Canelo challenged this guy GGG who is supposed to be good! 
Cannot wait for the next match!

Canelo is  from Jalisco, Mexico where my parents are from
see that's where patriotism comes in.  Plus like in any other sport it helps if the guys are cute right?  ;)

Well, now that I've said it, what do you think of boxing?  do you like it?  dislike it?  neutral?
I'd like to hear your point of view.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

what she wore

Hello there!  How are you guys?  Here is another photo shoot of  What She Wore..only this time she was cold and not very happy!  ha ha ha!  
Sophie is a good team player!  
Wouldn't you agree??

Dress and cardigan: thrifted
shoes: Kohls

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I like misty morning don't you?

I am very excited!  I will tell you why, I've had Emma's child bike carrier since December and finally this weekend (about time I know!) we went and bought a new bike for me so Emma and I can go on bike rides.  It just so happens that while everyone is watching movies or reading, nobody will volunteer to watch Emma for a while so that I can ride my bike.  SO what is the solution?  I take her with me!!

Looking forward to those bike rides...
What are you looking forward to friends?

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