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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sorrow and Circumstances ;)

Due to the circumstances and with much sorrow I was forced to close my shop http://www.moncy3.etsy.com  VACATION BREAK!! This is where I am going!  This is Gonzaga Bay in Baja California Mexico we will be camping there for a week.  Fun, fun in the sun.
My lovely daughter Sophia picked May's winner.  Congratulations to annettestimatic from Port Washington, Wisconsin.  This is her lovely pick.  Sweet little stationery set.  Doesn't she have good taste??

I will blog back when I am back from my break.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God given curls!

Yes, I  do have God given curls!  Thanks to my dad.  When he was young his nickname was "curly".  That nickname won't do him any good now.  He has a few hairs left on his bald headed head of his lol!...I still love the guy anyways.  All of my elementary  and middle school years I spent not really caring much about hair.  I really didn't mind, a clip or a hair band or some bobby pins did it.  It wasn't until High school when I discovered gels, mousse, balms, hair spray etc. I've tried them all.  After thirty something years...oh my I forgot how many now!  I have learned to live with my curls.  I do love the straight look but most of the time I don't have the time or energy to do it.  So I will just go natural (with some mousse of course).
My dear Sophia has beautiful manageable hair,  hers is wavy not tight curls.  My sister has hair like Sophia I really envy them.  Every night she takes a bath.  Every morning she wakes up with a big time afro which we can fix with a little water.  This  morning her wavy hair seem not that bad and pretty manageable I let her wear it loose something that she loves by the way.  I clipped her bangs to the side.  She was a bit upset because there was an unruly curl that we could not get to settle down.  We were running kind of late and I told her "you look fine, no one will notice your unruly curl, let me take a couple of pictures and I will blog about it"  Her face brightened and her big smile showed up.
  Here she is with her big smile, she gets the teeth gap from me and I get it from my dad!

Here is the dreaded, unruly and unwanted curl.

Finally here is my head of curls!  I know, I know now I can see that I need new hair color.  I will put in in my to do list.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's day gift.

Hi, welcome to my blog.  Today I will blog about my daughter.  She is a happy 8 year  who likes to dance and sing.  I am proud to say that she is such a good student.  Last week I got a note from school she has been chosen as Student of the Month!  She does not know it.  Me and her brother will attend the assembly today.  She is always writing love notes to mom and dad.  This past mother's day weekend was not the exception.  She puts a lot of effort into her love notes!  She did a couple of projects at school, one of them a picture frame and the other a round wheel that I spin and it will give me different attributes.  I just spun it this morning and I am feeling "preety".  Also, she did a collage of my name with such imagination.  She was so excited she said she could not wait to give me my gifts she had made it with such love.  Her love is unconditional and it is such a great feeling.  I love my little Sophia very much too!

Monday, May 3, 2010

April winner and wishful thinking...

April is gone...can you believe it?  May is here and before we know it we have to start decorating that tree again.  Wow!!  This past month I had my two year anniversary sale!  28 items sold, 28 entries.  As usual my daughter picked the name (she loves this by the way)  So there it is kandi32583, I contacted the winner. 

(copy and paste:)

"My 7 year old was eyeballing these for her bday & I said "if I win the contest, they're yours"! She just had a Fancy Nancy bday party & is totally in love with them! I never win anything, so it had to be her wishful thinking!"

I am thrill that my Fancy Nancy envelopes will make a Birthday girl happy!  Wishful thinking, we should all try that sometime...who knows it may work for us!

Fancy Nancy: more is always better when it comes to fancy!
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