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Friday, January 29, 2016

the bad and the good

How many fun things can you do in just a few minutes?  many says Emma!

Yeah lots of fun until she's put into a stationery position. 

The bad thing is I still need to baby-proof my house the good Emma can fit into the tiniest most hidden corners my mop and broom hardly go.
Thank you Emma!  Good helper :)

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

gallery wall

This is something that I have been wanting to share with you.  I think I finished my gallery wall a little after Thanksgiving.  I wanted to put up something on my living room wall, initially I had a square mirror and two picture frames on each side.  I really wanted something meaningful for the family.
So I framed the kids art.  On the left side it's Valeria's kindergarten hearts and apples.  I think it's so cute how she wrote her and her dad's name.   On the upper right the big colorful frame is Sophia's abstract art. You see on the lower hand corner a child and her mother...well that represents me and her!  Now, the two wooden frames on the top left I painted with chalkboard paint to give the kids a chance to redo our portraits now and then.  On the bottom left it's a piece of pallet that I painted with chalkboard paint as well and made our family name sign.  That helps me complete another item on my 45 by 45 list "make something with pallets".
In the center it's the mirror that I mentioned I had there initially.  I was just too lazy to take it off.  At the bottom is Sophie's (her nickname is Moncy) and Xavi's portrait.  For some reason Xavi wanted Sophie's frame next to him.  It's funny because he just found out he is going on a snow ski trip with his cousins and my brother and the first thing he asked is Is Sophie going?...aww he loves her sister.  On the right is this living art wall decor with air plants that so far have not died on me.  I also made them out of pallets a bit crooked  I know but I am very proud of myself.. 
And finally here is the last section of the gallery.  Here are Vale's and Emma's portraits.  The fish and the flower Xavi made them with color chalk on 2nd grade and I framed them simply because I love chalk :) And finally the jazz frame that really has no meaning but thought it fit well in the mix.  I have to fix Xavi's crooked flower picture ha ha!  So funny I didn't noticed until I downloaded the picture.
So here you have it my whole gallery wall.  I am happy with it!  I love seeing it everyday.  

Have you done any diy projects lately?

Friday, January 22, 2016

hello there...

Hello there you guys!  I feel like I am so running behind on things lately...for starters my 45 by 45 list, my penpals (sorry guys...) my attempts at mediation among other things.  Everyday since I downloaded the app I get a gentle reminder that says "Have you had your calm today?"  No I haven't I think to myself.  Are you kidding me?? no I haven't...Although this morning I told Sophie to tap into the app and select a two minute session while I was driving the kids to school.  What I really was trying to do is to get them to not talk for 2 minutes and guess what it worked!!  Forget Emma, she was not syncing with us.  But those two minutes felt very peaceful :)

Emma's monthly post is late as well she turned 11 months last Tuesday.

She had a cold this week, part of the reason that I'm behind on things and also am lacking many hours of sleep.  She is better now thank goodness.  It is just funny how she is starting to show her little personality. She can definitely let you know when she is mad or upset because of something.  She still pulls the fake cough to get attention, she loves doing it when strangers are around. She loves making people laugh.  She also definitely announces to the world when she ran out of cheerios on her tray and with her newly acquired crawling skills she can be sneaky!!  Oh this girl! 

Today's is Sophie's Birthday so it's a special day in this household!  

I wish you a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

this and that and dreams in yellow

Hi guys how are you?  I have been fine luckily I didn't drown last week with all that water that poured on us. It was just lots of streets flooded and road closures.   

The first two weeks of this year have been very busy for me.  Sophia started her hip hop classes and thinks is still  too cold to wear dresses therefore the lack of What She Wore posts. She is very excited to go to High School next year.  She will be 14 on the 22 of this month and I have been sewing a Scrump doll from the movie Lilo and Stitch.  She's all into rag dolls, plushies and  teddy bears nowadays.
Xavi is still busy with his soccer practice.  This is his first time playing with AYSO and they won second place before the Christmas break.  So, now they are getting ready to play against teams from different cities. We'll see how far they advance. In the picture above he is getting ready for his Christmas concert last month. Aww my baby Xavi!
I really cannot believe how fast approaching is Emma's first Birthday.  In five weeks she'll be 1 years old.  I had been dreaming of her first Birthday party since she was born.  My sister suggested a Bee party and I fell in love with the idea.  I love DIY parties and there are just lots of details that I want to be just right...not perfect but just right. I've been dreaming of the color yellow and bees lately too much.  Even though we all know that 1 year olds cry, or sleep during their first party I want Emma's party to be a day of celebration!

I've lost track of how many times Sophie and I have baked the beehive cake and tried to perfect it each and every time.  We still have to make adjustments to the frosting because I was not happy with this one.  I took this picture back on December 6th and still didn't have the edible marker to finish up the bees that's why the bees look weird bugs!!  

One last thing I want to share is this blog post form FAT MUM SLIM 


It's really a very inspiring  post to read at the beginning of  a New Year.  One of the points mentioned there and that I've never done is meditate.  That really called my attention and said why not? why not try mediation and see how it works for me.  So this morning I downloaded the app and it was funny because I opened it and it started with real soft and soothing nature sounds which I thought oh cool!  but then I touched the meditate button and it went on talking about 5 minute session introduction to meditation and I instantly thought wait I don't have time for that!!!  But no you guys I already promised myself I will do it! really!! That's why I always come to this little blog of mine to tell you all these little things and to make myself liable for them.

Have you ever used meditation? 
Anyways, I hope your week is going good so far and enjoy your hump day! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

happy new year

Hello guys!  Happy New Year!  I hope everyone one had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.  
Sadly this season comes to an end as Christmas break is over.  Javier just left for work I feel good knowing that he will be back home tonight.   The kids are still asleep as I type this but soon I will have to wake them up to get ready for school...uggh I remember that feeling :(

I have a couple of things to share with you.   Emma finally started crawling!  She's been crawling officially for 6 days now!  She's on the move :/  

I dropped my phone on New Year's Eve and broke the screen...oh well time to get a new phone.
Sophia's ipod screen also cracked but luckily it had insurance so it has been sent for repair.  She is dealing with withdrawal symptoms right now 10 WHOLE DAYS without it it's an eternity for her. Luckily she has her lap top to stay connected.  Last but not least my washer broke down yesterday.  Javier rapidly took it apart and thinks he knows what the problem is so he ordered the parts and will try to repair it. I am lucky my man is a handyman!  

Rain is in the forecast for the first four days of the week so this will get interested...since this valley get flooded with the smallest amount of rain, anyways I leave with this picture of Emma at Valeria's apartment wishing you a blessed 2016!

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