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Monday, August 30, 2010

Five Facts about me.

Here are five facts about me.  Would you like to share some of your facts?  Any opinions, suggestions, comments, congratulations etc. are very much welcomed!

1.  I love love love chocolate cake.
2.  I have an addiction:  sunflowers seeds, I know salt is bad but unsalted ones just don't taste the same.
3.  I lied on my height on my DL, only by an inch I really am 5' 1"
4.  I love finding bargains and most of the time I buy clearance.  Call me cheap but I love 75% off tags. 
5.   I still pray to God for a miracle, I want another baby.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun at Dolce Vita's

Last Wednesday we had so much fun at my dear friends Micaelas blog Dolce Vita on her wanting to know your Wens series.  She asked her readers to send in to her photobooth pictures and to play along we did!  So I thought I shared this picture with you since all of my family is in it.  We had it taken at a Quinceanera (which is kind of like a Mexican sweet sixteen party) in July of this year.  My husbands cousin turned fifteen and had a photoboth for the guest to make a memory album for the Birthday girl and one copy we would keep.  I swear my kids went crazy with it!  I have to admit it was fun with all those props provided.

In this picture:

My husband Javier that of course had to go with the Mexican hat and played silly picking his nose.
My stepdaughter Valeria, typical teenager with the party hat and glasses.
My daughter Sophia with the glamorous look.
My  son Xavi with that weird hat that for some reason loved and even wanted to bring it home.  He didn't!
And finally myself that had to find a hat to cover some of my curls.

One of these days when I get more readers I will do something like this!  Fun stuff!  Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...

So here I am once again on my "What to buy on a Wednesday" series.  This selection I picked for my lovely niece who is soon to have a Birthday on the 29 of this month.

She will turn 11 and going to Middle School.  Her name is Geome (which is a combination of her dad's name Jorge/George and her mom's name Mariaelena) a truly unique name and suits her perfectly!  Now her parents are now divorced and she is one of those kids that has everything she ever wants or needs.  You know you can't really compete with that so Etsy is the perfect place to find handmade unique gifts. Here we go with the fun stuff!

First of all, I picked this lovely shoulder bag by cliobags It will be great when she starts school.  It is the perfect bag to carry her books, phone, lip gloss and everything else she can think of... plus is very stylish and who doesn't want to look cool in Middle School?

Now she is a very sporty type of girl my brother has taught her well she plays soccer, softball and every other sport you can think of, she enjoys them and is very good at them!  Well she'd be needing a hat for those sunny days here in California so why not make it a nice hat!  I bet every girl in her team would want one like this even the opponents team would want one...this cute hat by Easy123

Ok, you tell me now what tween or teen wouldn't want some bling on her shoes??  Any girl even big girls like me would die for some sparkle...Well this is the perfect pair of converse shoes by glamourtoes and I really think she would love them to death.

Like stated before she has everything in her life and electronics is not the exception of course she needs an iphone case to carry and  protect her valuables from scratches while in style this one here by nimoo seemed to be the perfect one I am not sure if blue her favorite color but it just looked divine don't you think (hey I want a valuable electronic like hers!)

When I give a gift I would like it  to be something special something a person would really appreciate and use.  So I found this great journal by BlueToad it is perfect to jot down her feelings, plans, thoughts and moods I love it! I am so selfish I want one for me also!

Now this one nobody can deny!  we've all had our teenage years and our ultimate idol.  I've heard that Geome has "Bieber Fever" (secret: my daughter told me that)   This cute scrabble tile pendant by dollmaker30721 is the perfect one for her to wear.

So once again Happy Birthday to my lovely niece Geome and good luck in Middle School years!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

Today a new School Year starts for my daughter at Cawston Elementary, she is now going onto third grade.  She is a bit nervous but very enthusiastic.  I remember myself getting very nervous before school started.  Every year even in college I begged to my mom the night before "I don't wanna go" I cried out to her I cried out for her help...the truth is I went to school and  then it all passed, everything was fine.

I was driving to San Diego this past Friday to spend our last vacation weekend at my mom's and visit my father in law.  My daughter loves to write, so she asked me for a pen and started jotting down her feelings on a napkin.  When we got to our destination she showed me the napkin but was hesitant to give it to me.  She later let me have it and said I could read it.  This is what she wrote word by word:

"Dear Family:
I hope that someday we won't fight.  Or at least argue! Someday...I hope someday you'll understand that well I wanna be a rockstar.  And not anything else.  So to make you happy I wont follow my dream at all.  I'll be a rockstar and a teacher.  The bad part for me.  I'll be more time a teacher than a rockstar.  And little time for rockstar.  So there your happy. :( "

On the back side she wrote:

"Dear Family:
You guys really make me a little bit sad.  Cause I really wanted to sing all the time.  But I sometimes sing.  Not all the time.  Oh well I hope you will understand.  And what I did for you."

It just breaks my heart and I love her some more because of the way she is willing to give up her dreams of being a famous rock star to become a teacher just make her parents happy.  Now, we never said be a teacher we've told her first give us a degree and then become a rockstar.  We will see what the future holds for her, I know she will be successful in her choice of career because she is very bright.  Now the truth is she wouldn't  even consider the talent show in school and she is a bit shy to sing in public.  Maybe she can become a writer with all this soap opera drama or she can always sing in the shower like most of us do!  Best of luck to my third grader!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...

Last week I started writing and  I had to save my draft because my husband called me from the hospital.  He went to the emergency room because he had a bad pain on his back!  Oh my!  He works 1 1/2 hrs away from our house he drove himself to the hospital the poor thing! so I got the kids ready and we rushed!  He is ok now with painkillers (who wouldn't right!) lol!  So I will pick up where I left off last week:

So here I am once again on a Wednesday this time it's me, myself and I.  Yes, you know as a mom  how hard it is to make time for yourself!  We moms traded eyeliner for dark circles, salon cuts for ponytails, long baths for quick showers, late nights for early mornings, pretty bags for diaper bags.  You are always needed, your presence needs to be felt in the house, your services, your time... but yet I wouldn't change a thing.  Well this time I am making time for myself!  Even if it's only in cyberspace...I took the time to browse on Etsy and made a wish list for me.  Now let me tell you a little bit about me. Next month I will be 39, age really never matter to me until I turned 37!  then it hit me wow I'm almost 40 can't believe that one!...I am married to a wonderful husband and have three kids.  I am 5 feet 2 in tall (well I did lie on my DL only by an ich lol)  I am proud to say that in 11 years of marriage I have only gained 11 extra pounds.  One pound per year I don't think it's that bad.  I do have to start on my abdominals.  I have God given curls, my hair has always been short and I am trying to let it grow now so wish me luck on that one because I always end up cutting it short again.  Now let's go to my wish list this is the fun part!

Isn't this just the loveliest pink summer dress ever!   As soon as I saw it I said this is the one I love this one.  It is handmade by tweal plus it's eco friendly ohh I love it some more...

Now I need something to rule my curls.  This is the perfect headband!  Just wrap it around and I am good to go.  It's eco friendly as well. Thanks to saxiib for such great imagination I neck tie who would have thought??

I am always on the run, and I am always for flats so this one seemed to be the perfect pair.  Comfy yet classy I can go grocery shopping or to the bank with this pair by ParteDeMiBoutique

Do not ever let me forget my purse, without it I would be lost!  You know keys, wallet, checkbook, pens, Lego pieces, plastic guns, racer cars, girly journals, hello kitty pens, flower power bracelets (besides taking care of my kids I carry their extra stuff) This lovely Shoulder bag by ikabags would carry everything and the world may never know it.

Now, I am a low make up kind a girl but I just couldn't resist some of this fantastic Soft Pink Eye Shadow by Pony Dust Cosmetics I would love some shimmery look on my eyes.

And finally for a finish touch some colored lip gloss by BLSoaps I read in the items description that this lip tint is even tempting the vampires! Wow!

With this finished look I am off to my daily chores!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...

Well this Wednesday I've decided that my selection will be dedicated to my lovely sister in law Jacqui.  She is my older brother's girlfriend and they have been together for 9 years now.  I first met her at sports event when I was expecting my first child.  She has been a good friend ever since, she was born in California and raised in Alaska, she loves L.A. and all things Mexican (my brother included!) lol!

 Let's get started with the basics I picked this lacely lovely tunic by BPJacksonsGirl perfect for a summer's night out!

She would be needing  a purse to carry her valuables right??  What about this colorful South of the Border  Zarape Bag by normadicbags great choice you just can't go wrong with it!

Jewelry is a must for a girl so I picked this handmade Miniature Talavera Tile ring in sterling silver that she might want to wear everyday by ShrunkenCatHeads  

She would just die for this lovely Mexican Day of the Dead Lolita Flower Hair Pin on her blond locks by gravesidelooks

She might just  get a bit thirsty when done with all that shopping!  Aww... a Margarita drink sounds good correct?  this mouthwatering print by bigtextphotos says it all!

So where would she go all dressed up with a Margarita in hand? Of course to a Mexican Beach Sunset! Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is the destination, this print by JanPan

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