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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quest for Pregnancy

 As I come to the end of this "quest for pregnancy" I have to close cycles and leave the past behind.  I have had a hard time getting pregnant in the past having had two beautiful children of my own and a stepdaughter that I adore and thank God for them.  For the past two years failed pregnancy attempts, failed inseminations, different doctors, medicine, emotional and economical stress were just too much.  With lots of planning and preparation we have taken a final step and decided this would be our ultimate attempt.  We have done IVF and am due for a pregnancy test on the 18th of March.  I am nervous.  I wish this would pass soon, positive or negative this pregnancy deal will come to an end soon.  Wish me luck!
So the question was:  What to do with those old pelvic ultrasound transparencies that I've kept for so long on my quest to conceive again??  I could not keep them forever or  get rid of  them just  like that!  They're my monthly hopes and dreams of creating a new life!  Yes, my uterus and name are on them!  Then I finally got it!  A get well card!  It is not fun to get sick or have a loved one getting sick but it is comforting to receive get well wishes! And this is a fun way to do it. These films have kept my hands and mind busy as I await for results.  And here is the final product!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February's Winner

So, I just started my monthly giveaways this year. I thought this would be a good chance for every buyer to be rewarded after visiting my shop and making a purchase.   For every item purchased in my shop your name goes on a list.  At the end of the month a winner gets picked (by my daughter by the way!  whom she just loved the ritual...)  The lucky winner gets to chose an item in my shop in stock for free!  Sounds like  good deal ah ;)

February's lucky winner is:

***  Betteberg  ***


She is a lovely lady from Denmark and very appreciative!  Prompt payment and great communication yes, I am proud to say I an international seller.

This is sweet Betteberg's choice!


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