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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


How are you my friends?  We certainly had a busy weekend in this casa of ours.  Xavi turned 9 on Sunday.  We celebrated his Birthday on Saturday.
I always like DIY parties, nothing big just family really.  This time all I needed was some tissue paper, paint tape, a fish tank and a fed baby!  
Xavi had a game on Saturday, so after the game the girls and I went to pick up the cake while Javier and Xavi went home and took showers it was so hot triple digits still!!  
what happened Summer I thought you were gone? 

Then we got home and showered while Javier went to get the pizzas. My father in law and my sister and her family joined us for the celebration.
We ate and talked while watching a soccer match, the kids played and really had a nice time.
While I was cutting the cake I asked Javier to take a picture of Xavi.  Later I was browsing to see the pictures he had taken. Really?? a mugshot with a smirk and guilty look? OMG
I took the picture on the right.  Get a little bit of the decorations you know, ask the kid for a smile show some teeth at least!  There's the Birthday spirit!  
We ended up the night bowling a two hour session.  After about an hour and a half the adults were mostly tired and the kids ended up bowling for us.  We had a great time!
Happy Birthday to my baby Xavi!  yikes he's 9 already!! He's currently a 4th grader playing the trumpet in school and reading the first book of Harry Potter! where did time go?...

Thursday, September 24, 2015

What She Wore

I just can't help but get mad when she tells me that there is this girl at school that tells her when she wear dresses "did you just wake up like that?" or "what are you wearing today?" ugh!  Luckily she is not bothered by such comments and always tells me that she is complemented by other girls.  Even boys that don't know what to say tell her "nice tights Sophia" 

cardigan thrifted
dress yard sale 10 cents (Sophia tells me where are you getting these deals?)
tights walmart
ah! I love yard sales

Monday, September 21, 2015

El Niño

The weather has been absolutely crazy around here lately!  One day we're baking with triple digits and the next we're steaming with humidity.  Oh yeah and some other thunderstorms showers...gaah I hate those! specially when I have to be out and about. I certainly don't want to get struck by lighting :(
We did have a nice day last week, the weather cooled off and we got a nice amount of rain.  The day was cloudy and wet for most of the day and I was certainly not signing "rain rain go away!"  it was a nice break!
That's when I decided to get my new booties out.  I got them on clearance last season.  They were about twelve bucks :)  I got them online at Kohls and shipping was free. I certainly scored as I loved them.  You know you're always at risk buying shoes online!  I think I am in love with them...and I might just become a fan of boots :)

Talking about weather, they say that this year El Niño which is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with global impact on weather patterns (you can click on the link to learn more) is very strong and it's bringing a lot of water.  I really can't wait come on "El Niño" bring it on!!  I'd love to give my new booties some use.  The bad thing is that since we leave in a valley we get flooded easily :(  
Soccer season just started and you see number eight up there, yup that's my Xavi and he scored a goal! Great feeling! that's my boy!!
And now for the baby news, Emma is 7 months now!  she is a squiggly little thing.  It's like she's drank a monster most of the time.  She won't stop moving arms and legs when she's on your arms.  She grabs on hair, noses, glasses, cheeks, ears whatever she can hold on to and she is getting sooo heavy now. Almost 20 lbs...that's two bags of potatoes. sigh.  After soccer practice last Saturday we went for our flu shot hence the bandaid on her thigh.  She was a good sports though...not a lot of crying what she does not know is that we have to go back for her second dose in a month!   

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What She Wore

So here is the first post of What She Wore.
Sophia was a great model even though she was bit nervous
(really who wants to be seen being photographed by your mom??)
We picked a location in Winchester on our way to the 
Post Office where I go to drop off my etsy packages.

In order to be safe she played silly...

So there it is, so you get an idea of her style.

Dress and cardigan thrifted 
Thights Walmart on clearance

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

to me

This is how 44 looks to me!
Happy Birthday to me!  Hip Hip Hurray! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


When did it happen? overnight, no not really, it's a process...a transformation this puberty thing.  I don't know when it started nor when it will end.  It's a matter of maturing and growing into a new body while getting wiser and trying to figure out your future and who you will become as an adult. Sophia is going through it right now she is trying to find out who she is.  She is thirteen now. She is a tireless defender of rights even though she might not be right all the time.  Sometimes she does not agree with mama or papi and voices her opinions. She also knows how to stay quiet you know foolish words deaf ears. She hates injustices and Disney princesses as well.  Oh she used to love them but somewhere along she realized that women are stronger than that; she is all for equality.  Long gone are the princesses, the pinks and the sparkles. She is very open minded and says she would have loved to be born in the 70's. She proclaims herself as a democrat and when she asks her friends about political parties or issues she forgets she has to play dumb while interacting with them or so she says. She often says she hates being around teenagers because they are so dumb. She is a lover of art and has a passion for music, drawing and reading.  She complains about "old people" reminiscing about the past "technology" she says "technology". She has accepted her curls and the gap between her teeth.  She is not very thrilled about her height but has hopes of a growth spurt. She loves herself that is what matters.  She is a happy girl and has a great sense of humor.  Not all the times though she can be very impatient and explodes when her buttons are pressed.  Also, she can be cruel to Xavi at times...very cruel.
Sophia's self portrait

Somewhere in there I still see the little silly and careless girl that needs her mama when she can't breath and needs her inhaler.  She, at times demands her mama to rub her back and her head while watching a movie.  I love seeing how she loves on Emma with dear love while also trying to be tough on her "none of that princess stuff".

She has a new obsession for dresses and I am secretly loving that.  Dresses, cardigans and leggings are filling her closet and drawers lately.  We love thrifthing for dresses. I asked her if she would be willing to start a new section on my blog called "What She Wore" so I can showcase her looks. She agreed :) I am excited.  She has a great sense of fashion very unique and confident she does not care what people think, I still wish I was like her.  Here is an example of one of the latest morning laughs:

While using the  bathroom in the master bedroom Javier tells her "Sophie next time use your own bathroom!"  She comes out loud and proud yelling "Is this not America!? is this not the land of the free!?"  There's my little politician.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Photo Booth Fun

So here are the photo booth pictures. You can be silly and nobody really cares!  the whole point is actually being silly!  We had to wait for Emma to wake up in order for her to join in  and luckily she didn't even notice the headband on her head or else she would have taken it off.  As of lately everything at her arm's length she wants to grab.
Well let me rephrase the fun part...so much fun until a big girl, older than my son comes up and asks him to take pics with her :/ Xavi said no at first, but then his dad told him you never say no to a girl. Hmm I thought how dare an older girl come up to my little boy?...sigh.
The girl requested no props so my little gentleman granted the girl's wishes.

Hesitant and a bit timid lover boy took the pictures.  
Afterwards we noticed he came out looking the same in all the pictures.
No he was not that excited.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bravo Bravo!

This past Saturday we joined in a wedding celebration in Tecate Mexico.  Tecate it's a border sister with Tecate, California it's a lovely valley surrounded by mountains.  I was afraid we were not only going to bake but steam as well.  I was glad I was wrong because the weather was just perfect.

The invitations said ceremony at 6:00 pm, well we get there and everybody is still doing preparations. We were told by the Bride's sister that ceremony will start at 7:00 pm  She was sneaky but very smart. You see there's the pacific, mountain, central and eastern time zones and then there's the "Mexican time zone." Not very proud of that but you should know that most Mexicans are always late if you tell them be there at 3:00  they'll be there at 5:00 if lucky.  Then there's always the Mexican saying "you're never late to a party!" ...but then again we're not regular Mexicans we hate being late!  
So we got to enjoy the ceremony as planned. The Bride was my husband's cousin, she was beautiful she is a seamstress and made her own dress!  They make a very good looking couple. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Bravo!
The ceremony took place right when the sun was hiding, the night falling and the moon coming up! It was just magical!

It was a knockout reception outdoors as well, good music (although Sophie didn't enjoy the music that much) and good food too!  Emma had a hard time once she fell asleep. The poor thing kept waking up because of the music and I bet she was not comfortable sleeping in her stroller.  When we were leaving she finally had a meltdown and cried non-stop in the car for a long time.  Javier stopped the car so I could comfort her and put her back to sleep but it took a while...sigh. Next morning she woke up fresh as a lettuce and smiled as I greeted her good morning. Oh that girl! 
This is how it all ended shoes off!  LOL!!  I don't know who they belonged to but I thought it was so funny that I had to take a pic.  I will come back this week to share a couple more pictures of the photo booth fun we had.
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