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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring break and life...

The kids have a week off for Spring break.  So they are sound asleep as I type all three of them yay!  We went to the drive in last Friday and watched Batman vs. Superman.  Javier had taken the kids to the movies and Valeria did take them too but I haven't been to the movies since Emma was born so we thought the drive-in was a nice option for me to join in the fun.  Sure enough Emma fell asleep and as a confession I almost did too.  I made a comment on the way home that I was really expecting my man Robert Downy Jr. AKA Iron Man to be in it...you know super heroes?  Xavi explained that this was the League of Justice Iron man is in the Avengers.  Oh ok sowhat do I know about super heroes then?

The most amazing thing happened while at the drive-in.  Out of nowhere came this red ball of fire in the sky that disappeared behind the big screen!  I've never ever seen a wishing star before, it was humongous Javier and Sophia saw it as well.  Xavi, well he was into the movie. So that was astonishing,  I hope I wished my dream on time. 

I was due for labs for my hemoglobin A1C levels six month period.  I am now more than ever conscious about the things I eat but once in a while depending on my emotions I really let go and let's just say indulge...and sometimes when I am feeling low I plain don't care and eat whatever but then guilt comes later. I was thinking that I messed things up with all the Easter chocolates and goodies this weekend but labs came back and I am within normal range. Yay!

In Emma's news, she is still not walking.  Nobody is rushing her. She holds on to whatever is at hand and pulls herself up, holds on to the coffee table and "walks around it" holding on it.  She also cruises around the kitchen holding onto the dishwasher and the fridge leaving tiny hand prints...sigh.  She did take a step a few days back but decided she is not ready.  She loves to play with her plastic cups and bowls and stacks them or puts them inside each other then dumps them.  Then do it again.  She does this in the kitchen while I cook. My little helper there.
Here you can see she found the piano keyboard and of course wanted to see what it was all about.  She is so curious about everything. and is imitating what other people does.  I love that stage :)

Talking about music Xavi has come a long way with his trumpet lessons.  He comes home and shows me what he's learned and also learns new songs from watching you-tube for example the Stars Wars Theme. Just last week he was playing the Ode To Joy.  Oh I know that song I learned it Middle school I told him.  I said bring out your recorder and we can play it together.  
He said bluntly. 
No hard feelings Xavi ho hard feeling.

Sophia wants to look for a job :/  She's researched for companies that hire 14 year olds.  She has also researched about child labor laws.  Oh this child of mine.  One thing is for sure this Summer she will go and volunteer at the Public Library but if it was a paid job of course she'd be more happy. She turned in a job application at Baskin Robbins.  Chances are slim that she will land a job at this age,.  She has no need to get a job but I applaud her for trying.

Well that's it for now my friends I hope you've had a nice week so far and higher hopes for a better weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What She Wore

Is it possible that Sophie stopped hibernating...maybe yes! she felt like wearing dresses to school again!  We will see if the weather keeps cooperating and helps Sophie get in the mood for some more dresses.

dress: thrifted
cardigan thrifted

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Monday, March 7, 2016

lists, lists and more lists

I don't remember ever using lists but since a few years ago I write lists almost everyday.

Here is a list of my lists:

  • grocery lists (from different stores)
  • to do list on a daily basis
  • crafts that I wanna tackle in the future
  • to do list for my etsy shops so many things such as list items, take pictures, edit pictures, finish items, new ideas
  • reminders lists, for appointments, errands, phone calls to make
  • things to do or look up online only because is so easy to get lost in the web and then find out I didn't search what I needed in the first place :(
  • movies to watch list
  • do I have to mention my 45 by 45 list?
I write them wherever I can because I loose them easily...Sophia gets so frustrated with me when we get to the store and finds out I lost or forgot the list.  Yep that happens to me.  That's why to exercise my memory I white them on my chalkboards, pin them on my cork board,  a notebook in my purse, write them on the calendar, sticky notes here and there or hang them on my clothespins line on my desk

I have a whole section of clothespins on my etsy shop 
just in case you need help on this department like I do!

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with so many to do things and reminders.
How do you keep up this? I'd love to hear

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


How can a mom get some work done around the house? with a little helper such as this one?...

I've taken this pictures over the last two weeks or so.  I was really trying to take pictures for my etsy shop. She has mastered the skill of being all over the house. I was vacuuming  the stairs and without realizing the girl had followed me three steps up.  Yeah we checked Xavi followed her and she can crawl up the stairs without a problem.  So there it goes the baby gate is finally up and ready to prevent any falls.  
Sorry Emma the fun is over.

I started a cold  during the weekend.  I had read in a magazine some symptoms soothers you know the typical ginger tea but there were some that called my attention.  So I went and search for the magazine. 
Here is a list of them:

1. Garlic soup: Bring 8 cups of chicken, beef or vegetable broth to a slow boil. Meanwhile sautee 1 chopped onion and 7 minced cloves of garlic in olive oil. When the broth starts boiling, add the onion and garlic mixture,  Then let it simmer for about an hour.

2.  Hot black tea with a dash of cinnamon

3.  Heated rice pack:  Use them for swollen nods or sinus pressure.

I was really interested in the garlic soup as garlic is a natural antibiotic but was out of onions and I am not one to go around asking neighbors for groceries.  I am good now but definitely next time I want to try the soup and the heated rice pack...oh those sinuses :(

Have you ever used any of these?  what are your favorites cold remedies?  just curios :)

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