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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Video 8/22/11 at OneTrueMedia.com

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Yesterday was the first day of school for my kids.

Sophia going into 4th grade was very nervous.  We found out her teacher was a "Mr Fuller", she was hoping it was a "Mrs Fuller" :(  I walked her to the classroom we got there early greeted the teacher. It was classroom half full of kids, tons of books piled on top of each desk and right there in the middle of the classroom was Sophia's best friend from last year.  For some reason at the end of the year they weren't very close but I bet they were glad to see each other.  Big relief for Sophia.  And for me to!

Xavi was a bit nervous more nervous than K-camp, I showed him his room from the outside and he told me don't let go of my hand (I didn't, I didn't want to let go of him)  He didn't want to play in the playground.  The teacher called her class and we walked into the classroom he sat by himself on one side almost all the way to the back!  I myself shy did that in school. We had a few moments to take pictures and the teacher told the kids say goodbye to your parents and tell them to have a good day!  Xavi told me "te amo mami" "I love you mami" I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes got watery.  Yup I had to leave... :(

They say things get better the second time around ...Not for me I felt the same way when I dropped off Sophie for her first day in Kindergarten.  It sure was not easier this time, I really thought it would be.  I left the school missing something, missing that little hand that I always held while crossing the street.  I swear I went to open the passenger seat of my truck...I had no passenger this time.  I went straight to have a tire rotation on  my truck and my little ninja, superhero and bodyguard was not there with me.

When I went to pick him up I felt like I didn't know which road to take...I just felt very confused and nervous.  I've driven this road to school for two straight years and all of a sudden I felt lost!  When I got there he was in the lunch line he saw me and smiled across the gate.  When I finally picked him up he was happy and told me that he liked school and hearing that made me happy.   I pray that this will be the start of  his very successful school years and of course I pray the same for my "teacher's pet" Sophia.  After School She was also happy she said Mr. Fuller was the best teacher ever and she was happy she met old friends and made new friends. 

And of course I took lots of pictures, I also managed to get a big headache with all this going on and the making of this video!  but I know things will be fine and hopefully easier!

*Savala is not Xavi's last name it's the teacher name!


  1. Hay mi Clau, again I'm weeping like a baby! This post got to me at so many different levels :(

    I don't think it gets easier, because you know your last baby is growing up way too fast.

    I'm sending you a bug hug and know that I am always an email away!!

    I love you xoxo

  2. Super cool video Clau ..and I am sure things will get better for all of you as time progresses ..
    Sending you mucho amor :))

    P.S Also got your lovely mail - love the envelopes ..thank you soo soo much ..

  3. Aww that's really adorable. I think it's so precious and it makes me long for kids of my own. I hope your week is going so much better for you :) Lots of hugs!

  4. You're a great mamma Claudia! I don't know how I'm going to react when my son goes to kindergarten.

  5. The video is adorable! What a fun way to document the first day of school! Hopefully the first day of school will get easier for you as the children grow older. ~Val


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