Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Messiest Morning Hair Contest

Last week was a busy one!  We came back from the beach and had lots of sand to get rid of.
My niece and nephew stayed over for a couple of 
days while my sister was on the move
to her new house in Hemet.  
We helped them move boxes and unpack. Last week it was Ailani's 7th Birthday and we made time to sing and cut the cake in the midst off all the moving chaos.

These pictures were taken when they stayed over and I thought it would be great to have another Messiest Hair Contest

Here are the rules:

1.  You must be a blog follower
2.  You must vote for one contestant

you can also tweet, blog or post on facebook about the contest for extra entries

Easy right??  Voters name will go on the magic Ziploc bag and a winner will be picked at random and announced on Friday and will be eligible to get any one item in either of my shops moncy3 or moncyscottage

Contestant # 1 Xavi

Contestant #2 Ailani

Contestant # 3 Isaac

Contestant # 4 Sophia

Remember you have until Friday to vote!  
Kids will also receive an ice cream cone as a prize 
and none of them were forced to have their picture taken.
In fact they love it!


  1. Sophia. Great blog, always love to read them.

  2. Most def Sophie although Ailani comes a close second ..

    I love this messiest hair contest :)

  3. Indudablemente voto por Sophia.

    Te propongo algo, esto del concurso es gracioso. Invita a amigas bloggers para que se hagan un autoretrato y hacer el concurso, es gracioso :)

    A ver si gano otra vez, pero ya sería demasiado :D

  4. Yay!!! For another segment of Who Has The messiest hair contest :)

    This was hard it was between Ailani and Sophia, but my vote goes to Sophia :)

    xo Kary

  5. Miguelito's vote goes to: Sophia :)

  6. Me alegro que te gustara la idea, pero no he vuelto para decirte esto, si no porque lo he pensado bien y prefiero no participar en el concurso, hay que dar oportunidad a más gente ;)

  7. Sophia, yes, though Xavi wins for most entertaining expression!!

  8. i'd have to say sophia! because she has that curly hair, she get it just right and frizzy when it comes to the messiest hair contest!!! :)

  9. Sweet Sophia has my vote! :) Although I wish I had her beautiful, messy hair! :) This is such a cute contest!!! :) And so cute of you to give the winning contestant an ice cream cone :) Love it!


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