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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

hand wrapped pencils

Something funny happened to me last week.  I was working on a project and instead of using glue I used sunscreen lotion.  Aggh...after all the bottle size was the same and it looked very similar. Boy oh boy am I glad I didn't use the glue on me!
The worst thing is that I was wearing my glasses.  Is that a sign of old age or what??  Anyways, so I only realized I was using the wrong thing because the paper was not sticking!
I was working on my new hand wrapped pencils for my shop.  I have sold them before mini pencils, pencils wrapped in Japanese Washi paper, wooden color pencils and more!  Now they are back!

I am so excited because there are so many possibilities, I want to wrap these pencils in every pretty, creative  way possible ;)  I go crazy with all the paper options around a thrift store!!
I specially like using maps and music sheet.

  Following are some examples of the sets I have for sale already:

Traveler's Set made out of vintage and newer maps, Thomas Guides and World Atlases.

Office Lady Set hand wrapped in scrapbook paper.

Music Sheet set hand wrapped in vintage and newer music sheet.

Check out my hand wrapped pencil section in my shop, 
I am working on new sets that I will be adding soon.
Meanwhile I am keeping the sunscreen lotion far away from my projects.

I am offering coupon code SAVE20 to save 20% on the purchase of my hand wrapped pencils
starting today until next Sunday May 4th.  Domestic and international purchases :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Los Vaqueros cantina & grill...a nice restaurant that offers all of the Mexican food you can think of plus more because they also have burgers and pizza for the kiddos.  When we moved to Hemet there was a colorful billboard right in the corner of our cross street and it look so inviting lighted up at night, this place is only 2.3 miles away from our house.  It took us about a year to finally go there.  It was simply delicious and colorful and nice inside.  Although you cannot really compare it to real homemade Mexican food it's nice to treat yourself once in a while and let others do the cooking for you right??   When we went there Xavi dressed up as a real cowboy, plaid shirt, cowboy boots, jeans, hat and all...he was about four years old my boy...that's the spirit wouldn't you say??

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

indoor herb garden...in progress

ok, so this is my attempt to my indoor herb garden
am I cheating if I didn't start from scratch?
I am cheating If I am still trying to figure it out?
you should know I don't have the green thumb (insert a sad face here)
you should also know that I don't use fresh herbs much

but this is my attempt to do it

the only herbs I buy fresh are cilantro, mint and parsley at times
...most of the time they go bad in the refrigerator (insert a sadder face here)
 I searched ways to do an indoor garden,  it needs a least 6+ hours of sun  a window would do
I choose 4 herbs that I've used before or that I think I will use, I bought parsley, rosemary, sage and mint... there are so many kinds of herbs to choose from!
I knew I couldn't pot them on this basket. I saw this great an easy video tutorial, the herbs still being on their pots were stuck on a  jar with water and then the jars are set in a basket.  Pretty, I know.  Easy, yeah that too. Once I find the jars I will see how this works out, if not I will have to search for a tub or pretty planter to pot them.
Meanwhile I am admiring how my herb garden looks on my kitchen and the wonderful smell.  I will have to search for recipes to give them some use while cooking or making herb infused water ;) 

 I've printed this lovely chart
wonderful artwork wouldn't you say?

I am studying studying!
This completes another prompt on my bucket list :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014


It's always exciting for me when I start seeing clouds of dust up in the air.  After some time of seeing the bare soil, the plowing of the ground for new crops makes the everyday driving fun.  I look forward passing by and trying to figure out what the men are doing or what is the machinery for, or trying to figure out their watering system and finally seeing some sprouts emerge from the ground.  I can easily tell when the crop is pumpkins ha ha that is in the fall or watermelons for summer.  There are other times that I don't even know what the crop is...but I enjoy the sight anyways. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

only two

This weekend we celebrated my nieces Birthday.

This little one just turned two years old.  We were there to celebrate under the sea, we had such fun!  She took a nap in the middle of the party, when she woke up it was time for the piñata she had a hard time hitting the first one buy was ready for the second one.  Oh and do I have to tell you that that chocolate cake was...


It's amazing how time flies :/

Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is the Hemet Post Office.  If you see the picture not centered  it's because I was trying not to get ran over while I took it.  With three etsy shops I have a great need to mail packages.  I try to avoid this office at much as possible...following are the reasons:
  • small parking space
  • they open at 9:30 way too late for this early bird
  • there is always a long line before opening time
  • always crowded any time of day
  • fresh new ugly color they painted it
Luckily I have three more options to go to.  My favorite one  is Winchester Post office in my neighbor town, it's the same distance as this  office.  I love it for different reasons:
  • they open at 8:00 yay!
  • no waiting line 
  • when the room is full they call for backup (the small office can fit 4 or 5 people at the most)
  • they greet me by  my name!
  • I can always count on them, just the other day I ran out of scotch tape and they saved me a trip to the store. 
kinda reminds me of the theme song for cheers.."sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

spring break

This past  Friday the kids started their 1 week Spring Break. Sophia received an award for reading.
I was at the parking lot waiting to go in the multipurpose room
 when I saw her name popped up on the screen :)
Although there are days that are not easy, she still makes me proud in many ways! Right after school we drove to San Diego to a Quinceañera party.
Not happy about the dress but her Christmas socks made her feel comfortable, she was wearing my black wedges here... she wore her old tennis shoes to the party.
 Here is the Quinceañera and her dance which is the most awaited moment of the night.
I don't like feeling tipsy in front of people but I had two margaritas...I drank them slowly very slowly.
Then I had a sangria...awe!! yeah I was feeling good!  
We had fun at the photo booth
I told my husband don't wear the boa...but he insisted.  You see that tall girl on the back?  she is my husband's sister she is a tall girl.  She is only 16.
Saturday morning after we slept only for about 5 or 6 hours we woke up early, to meet my mother in law because I was crossing the border to drive her to the airport.  At the border on the way back I got a strawberry and lemon ice cream...well deserved.  Then when I crossed we drove back to Hemet. 
 I just felt life taking a long long nap!

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