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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Season's Change...Week 38

Season:  one of the four periods of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), beginning astronomically at an equinox or solstice, but geographically at different dates in different climates.

Every morning on our way to my daughters school  we go past a ranch with a long row of big trees that surely change with the seasons but we hardly notice.  My kids and I have decided to embark on a project that will help us notice that gradual change on the trees.  My daughter Sophia  will take at least a weekly picture after school for a whole year, I will post it on my blog entry on Thursdays and my little one Xavi wants in it too so he will take a picture of some cows from a different ranch and improve his picture taking skills.

 Here is the row of trees

 I know what Xavi must be thinking...is she crazy or what??

So this week has been very hot, humid, some days cloudy with 20 percent chance precipitation but still in the high 90's...you know that kind of yucky  sticky weather I am talking about??
Well yesterday we went out for a walk to search for the cows and to take pictures of the trees, they are really not far from us and we enjoyed the fresh air...no luck on finding any cows, we saw a rabbit which was faster than me, we also found dog and horse poop (not really worthy of a picture! ) but the kids found  pine cones along the trail and we really enjoyed the walk.

SIDENOTE:  notice the extra large pictures?  I've messing with my blog because I wanted extra large pictures and they would not fit...now they do!  What do you think?

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  1. I have to say I love that last pic - too cute Xavi's face!! He's like huh what's wrong with her? :)

    I love the new look of the x-large pictures :)

    Ugh! The weather here has also been hot, humid and sticky!! I can stand the hot but the humid really gets me grouchy :W Not good!! But that's summer and we only have it for so little!

    I love you lots Mi Clau and can't thank you enough for my beautiful birthday present that was so me!! You, Sophie and dear Xavi made me feel so special and I can't wait to blog about it!! Lots of hugs and kisses xoxoxo

  2. I like your pictures. How did you do it? Also, how did you add your Facebook page to your blog? Email me, when you have time. Thank you. lazeanddaze@hotmail.com

  3. that last photo is PRICELESS!!!

    i noticed your new format right away!!! i love it!!! how did you do it? i wanna make my photos slightly bigger too because although they're xl, sometimes it cuts it off and it's such a headache lol

    i loveeee your header too! <3 such a beautiful family claudia

  4. that last photo is just beautiful!

  5. they're lovely pictures and big as they are, even better! lovely walk!
    big kiss, dear!

  6. Agree with everybody, nice to see more! But in my humble opinion the different background would be better. Just been living for too long with a "computer guy", he says it's unforgivable to have picture comming out of the frame :) But I love those green laces on sides!!!


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