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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Etsy Finds...Beach Inspiration

Like I mentioned yesterday I am not really a beach person...
I really don't know how it happened
don't even mention a bathing suit :(
I guess as we grow up we start getting some
insecurities and don't forget the
fact that I never learned how to swim.

As a child I remember I enjoyed the beach.
I even remember I took my first picture there, 
it was a picture of my mom and my brother
my mom's head was cut off...ah!  
Hey it was my very first picture. 

Mar Vista was the name of my High School it was in the surfer Town of Imperial Beach, CA walking distance to the beach
and yes I skipped a couple of classes and strolled there
(only a couple! true to God)  

My mom has mentioned to me that 
my dad would like to go to the beach 
I might just take him there for  a walk one of these days...

These are some wonderful etsy beach finds
that I'd like to share with you in hopes of getting some inspiration

Do you enjoy going to the beach? 
I know some people don't have the opportunity to do so!
Which one is your favorite setting??


  1. Fun Esty finds! I love the smell and sound of the ocean. Strolling along the beach is also perfect. However the sun is not my friend so this is tricky! I have fond memories as a child going in the freezing cold New England ocean. It is probably quiet different from CA. ~Val

  2. I love blue, definately blue... Yellow is optimistic, but reminds me of sun, which I hate as much as I love the beach...

  3. I love the beach. The yellow one is my fave, although, I do like them all. Yellow is my happy color. :)

  4. I must say I'd go for the pink!

  5. all of these are sooo dreamy! the romantic in me says the pink but i'm LOVING that yellow stripped bag.

    i'm like you-- we can't swim. it's a shame because for that reason, the ocean scares me though i love nothing more than hearing the waves, dipping my toes in the sand and laying out reading a book. i wished it had been warmer while we were at baker beach in sf.

    ps. i wish i had your bra size!!! ;)

  6. Love the blue too! But I am NOT impartial, as the photog for the Blue Beach Umbrella. Thanks for including me! Nice blog, and great collection!

  7. When I have the chance, which isn't often since I live in landlocked Nebraska, I love to walk along the beach in the early morning to find seashells, and I love the sound of the ocean. Actually sitting on the beach or swimming? Not so much.


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