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Monday, July 11, 2011


1.  I used to love Mervyn's
2.  Now I love Kohls
3.  Me and my mom wait for the 30% off coupon, then we are happy shoppers!
4.  I also clip grocery coupons
5.  I don't mind going to the post office


  1. Love Kohl's and did also like Mervyn's too. I wish I liked going to the post office.

  2. JCP is my place!!! so many great deals and plus, i used to work there so it has a soft spot in my heart ;)

    kohls-- love me some simply vera wang and elle!!! i haven't been to kohls in ages!!!

    i seriously need to do better at coupon clipping... i try and look for the deals while grocery shopping but perhaps i need to look online more?

    ps. i don't mind going to the post office either. i'm there so often my favorite postal clerk always says, "there she is..." when i walk in and i have to say, i feel special ;) ha

  3. I should use coupons more. I do try and cut them out but I usually forget to use them. I don't usually mind going to the post but I think it all depends on what I'm sending :)

  4. I wish we had a Kohls here :( someday i hope!!
    I love Target!! and coupons are the best :)



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