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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ten more facts

1.  I am not a leader
2.  I am a follower
3.  I trust easily
4.  I am not into politics
5.  I can be naive on some situations
6.  I see the good in people until they show me their bad side 
7.  In a dog eat dog world I'd be eaten
8.  In a survival of the fittest situation I'd die
9.  I am happy that I found a man that is the opposite in some of the above
10.  We complement each other

*10 more facts  and I finish my goal of 100 facts on the about me page!


  1. 11. You are such a sweetie!
    We sound very familar!

  2. Interesting choise of the facts! But I love the illustration, which shows that you want it or not, you are the leader for your kids!

  3. I am glad you found a man who complements you. It is a tough world out there! ~Val

  4. Ha!! I love these :)
    I am so easily number # 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and 10
    you killed me laughing with number #7 lol!!

    Oh mi clau yo te puedo dar los links a donde he consegido mas lectoras nuevas al blog, no fue ninguna de ellas. fu eun anonimato. Atra vez de esos links que te digo se llaman blog hops lo que hace uno es un intercambio tu me sigues y yo te sigo para tras :)
    Dime si quieres para que te deje saber :)

    Te quiero mucho Clau!!! I lvoe mi Clau!!
    Thank you so much for your sweet words, and I love your blog always, but I love you way more :)

    xo Kary xo

  5. I am so like that too! My husband is forever telling me not to trust people so easily and not to forgive so readily. He's the total opposite. And I'm completely confident that in a dog eat dog world or an end of world situation, I would survive simply because my husband would take care of me.

    I am totally into politics though. I think everyone who is of voting age (and a couple years younger) should be! xx


  6. I'm the same--a little too nice and trusting until someone shows me they can't be trusted. Like you, my husband is more opposite. Probably good both ways!


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