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Monday, July 4, 2011

Mix and Match Game

Everything spelled trouble at my mom's backyard
on Friday with so many kids.
So I went on a couple of errands taking half of them with me and then my mom met me with the rest of the kids at 7-11
I asked the kids to help me on this new game
the more the merrier right?? :/
They were honored with the idea of being featured on my blog :)
plus they got their prize ;)

Each kid bought a piece of item (junk food) 
of their choice...
I don't see them on a daily basis so I 
think I am allowed to do that.

It was crazy  chaos but fun in there
each of them trying to decide
what to get and giving advice to each other
and me wanting to take pictures! OH and convincing Xavi 
that only one piece of candy and not 
any toys :(

So here are the kids:

This is Ivan, my brother's son he lives in Phoenix and he loves visiting during the summers (of course this is where the fun is) He is 11 years old.

This is Isaac my sister's son he truly is a handful, before the age of two he ended up in the ER at least twice!  We always gotta keep an eye on him, but a very loving guy! He is 8 yrs old.

This is Ailani my sister's daughter she is 6 (Isaac and her are brother and sister) She wants to be the leader ALWAYS...She is a true Diva! she never leaves home without a purse. (Just like her mommy)

This is Valentino Isaac and Ailani's uncle he is 8 yrs old.  He is a quiet sweet guy! who does not make any trouble at all.

Of course you know Sophia, she decides not to wear glasses during summer!  She is 9 yrs old.

My Xavi, he is in love with Ailani and follows her every move! 
He is 4 yrs old.

This is what we bought:

Barbecue Fritos

Lucas Chili Powder

Takis Chips

Jolly Ranchers

Push Pop


This is a mix and match game, six names six candy/snacks.

1.Ivan 2.Isaac 3.Ailani 
4.Valentino 5.Sophia 6.Xavi

1.Barbecue Fritos 2.Lucas Chili powder 3.Takis chips
4.Jolly Ranchers 5.Push Pop 6. Salsaguetti

Easy piecy, just for playing along you get one entry, 
for every correct match you get one entry.
You will get double the entries if you 
get them all right!
On Wednesday all the names will go in that famous
ziploc bag and this time you will get your free choice
of item from either or my shops

Good luck to all of you and thanks for playing along!

Oh and Happy Birthday America!!


  1. Wow, te juntaste con una pueda pandilla. Ailani es muy guapita.. :)

    Y sí, ya es hora de que aprendas a nadar. Yo de pequeña nadaba todos los estilos porque me metieron en una academia, pero ahora sólo estilo libre, por cierto acá en España le llaman diferente y no recuerdo

  2. I have not idea!!! Salsaguetti sounds delicious! That is not a snack I have seen before! Here are my guesses!
    Ivan – chili powder
    Isaac - fritos
    Ailani – Jolly Ranchers
    Valentino - salsaguetti
    Sophia – push pop
    Xavi – Takis chips
    The kids are all so adorable! It must have been tons of fun for all the cousins to hang out! ~Val

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