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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today it's my twelve year wedding anniversary!
Twelve years of ups and downs, better or worse, sickness and health.
After two kids plus the one he came into our marriage with we are still together
and only going strong...
He makes my heart happy, he makes me feel loved, safe and secure.

But my husband is the kind of men with the worst memory.
At the beginning of July he remembered it was our anniversary month.
He said "Happy Anniversary before I forget"
He asked me last Thursday when it's our anniversary again?
On Friday he said two more days and it's our anniversary.
I can only see that the man is working hard on remembering the date!
One more reason to love him!

I dare ask you do you have a man like mine??


  1. Happy Anniversary! Congrats. Any tips?
    My husband is terrible at remembering most things. He can remember lines from movies he saw only once but ask him to remember a date or anniversary and he's lost! xx

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    My husband remembers our anniversary but he lacks in other ways. For better or worse for sickness and health. That is a true statement. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Feliz Aniversario querida amiga y a tu esposo :)

    Wishing you many. many more years of happiness and love!!

    And yes through thick and thin amiga those are the things that make us stronger :)

    Love you heaps :)


  4. happy anniversary, lovely! 12 years is a long time and it's such a great thing to behold... lovers staying together for so long :)

    wishing you plenty of years of happiness.

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! :)
    Oh yes! my husband has a horrible, but horrible memory! It used to make me upset, but now I'm so used to it. I ended up getting a calender for our fridge so I can write important dates in BIG RED LETTERS just so he will be able to see it! lol. I'm also a big fan of sticky notes!


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