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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Note to self...hopes

I just hope that in Xavi's future
there is a kind heart that reminds him once in a while 
to call his mother.

Better yet I hope that he never forgets!

I have to remind my husband sometimes..


  1. Hehe! This is why men need women in their lives. I had to remind my boyfriend to send his mother a Mother's Day card! ~Val

  2. let's not mention Birthdays and anniversaries please!

  3. Cute! I need one of those boards!!

  4. I love this!! It's so true! I always have to remind my husband to call his mom, and my mom my dad - lol!!

    So yes I hope my Miguelito finds a good wife who will remind my baby (I pray he does remember his mami) to call me :)

    I love that board and need to get one :)

    I love you Mi Clau!!!

    Thank you so much for everything, your words were such comfort during these past scary days.
    Have a great week querida!!

    xo Kary xo

  5. All men need reminders to call their moms , to not forget their birthdays , anniversaries ..hell men need women to remind them to remember women :P
    Love that board !


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