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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Etsy finds...Pink Panther

My kids discovered the Pink Panther the other day on Netflix.  I mean discovered because they have seen it before but not really watched any of the cartoon shows.  So there we were watching the pink panther.  The kids were really enjoying it and I was reliving it! I loved that show!

Then Sophia came up with the question of the panther's gender.  I hesitated there for a moment...I really forgot.  Although there was no dialog in the cartoons only a laugh track Me and my brothers watched the show in Spanish and the announcer/narrator would address the show as "La Pantera Rosa"  "la" meaning of feminine gender. 

Following are some wonderful pink etsy finds:


It does take a real men to wear pink, they wear all shades of pink! I think the panther is a guy who happens to be pink!  But the again I thought Blues Clues was a boy!  I was wrong...what are your thoughts on the issue??  

I am trying to teach my little Xavi that he can wear pink if he likes!
he is not too thrilled about it...
Can you see it on his fake smile??


  1. Xavi's shirt is adorable. I need to get one for Preston. :)

  2. Thanks for including my pink feather headband in your blog! I'm your newest follower :) And your family is just precious!! ~Lizzy

  3. All colors are just colors. My boy had a period when he was very decided about having the walls in his room pink! I don't understand the idea about baby-pink or baby-blue... And by the way, long time ago blue was feminine color, and red the color of real men :))

  4. I would LOVE a Ralph Lauren pink Polo shirt! Maybe he just can't appreciate it now but I agree that pink on men looks good. That said, I could never see the husband ever wearing pink!

    I think the Pink Panther is male...not sure why, its just how I've always felt.

    But there is certainly nothing wrong with mixing up the colours between the genders xx

  5. I don't see nothing wrong with men wearing pink but I don't think my Mexican Macho husband would wear pink!!! LOL!!!!

  6. I wish Adam would wear pink.

    ♥ theMRS.

  7. Pink is my favorite color but I think its just a color and anyone can wear it ..
    As for Xavi ..even with his fake smile he looks adorable in his pink tee :)

  8. I think Xavi looks really cute with pink. It suits him. Hopefully he will embrace it.

    Cute pink finds. I'm a real fan of the colour :)

  9. That's exactly why I married me an Anglo man. He will wear pink and argyle for me. He doesn't dig it but he will wear it for me, lol!! ;)

  10. So cute!!! Tell Xavi he looks great :)
    Miguelito loves wearing pink shirts!



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