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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Season's Change Finale...Week 45

Season:  one of the four periods of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), beginning astronomically at an equinox or solstice, but geographically at different dates in different climates.

Every morning on our way to my daughters school  we go past a ranch with a long row of big trees that surely change with the seasons but we hardly notice.  My kids and I have decided to embark on a project that will help us notice that gradual change on the trees.  My daughter Sophia  will take at least a weekly picture after school for a whole year, I will post it on my blog entry on Thursdays and my little one Xavi wants in it too so he will take a picture of some cows from a different ranch and improve his picture taking skills.

Today we come to the end of this journey.  One year ago  we did our first post on Season's Change.  It was really a commitment, a goal to be finished!  But it's only 45 weeks you might say.  Well yes, we missed some weeks, like Christmas holidays, some weeks I was just too tied up with things, others weeks were bad you know when the world crumbles around you and you think it's the end (yes I have those days!)   I think 45 out of 52 weeks it's not that bad.

Cow story:  the cows we used to take pictures of have been missing since December.  Kids are on the lookout!

I've had a house full of sick bodies since last Thursday , Sophia was the first one to get sick, then Xavi and then I managed to catch the bug too!  Sophia went back to School on Tuesday and Xavi has been out of school for three days.  These pictures were taken this morning can you see his pale and shy face?  He is on his way to recovery thank goodness, you know when the kids are getting better when they are up on their feet.

 As far as the cows...well you know the story they are history! It was fun and challenging when they disappeared on week 14.  They basically bailed on us, so we started a search for them.  Can't blame those poor cows, they probably ended as hamburger meat for the 4th of July, Memorial day or this past Labor Day! I do have to say that the goal was for the kids to take pictures and shame on me because I ended up taking most of the pictures not all but most!  I had fun with my camera, making moments stay still and last forever on a picture is great.

This  little project of ours made us realize that we live life at such a fast pace that we rarely stop to see the changes (big or small) that happen right before our eyes.  We took the time to stop and take  a closer look at those details that make our world beautiful.  Basically 'stop and smell the roses'.  Looking back at this series I can see how my kids grew over the course of a year and I love it!  I will miss doing these series and the kids will miss it too.

Just next time remind me not to make such long term commitments when it comes to blogging.  I'd like to thank you for reading these series and for your comments that  put a smile on my face and for sticking by this humble blog of mine!  I send you all big hugs!


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  1. I love Xavi's haircut!!! I'm so happy you've kept up with this series! It's always fun to see the adventures :)

    The mommy talk, our kids will chat about us when they are older! Hay mi mama blah-blah-blah y luego cuando ellos sean papas hacen lo mismo :) The circle of life! Thank you Mi Clau!!

    Miguelito recibio la tarjeta tan hermosa de su familia en CA :) He loved it, gracias :)


  2. Those poor hamburger cows!

    I think this was such a fantastic project because like you said, we do sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses. To see life and nature happening. I really enjoy your blog and how cute are the kids! xx


  3. But I loved your project! Especially those faces looking for the cows :)

  4. I'm really going to miss these entries.

    And who is that boy who looks a bit like Xavi, only older? LOL--I swear they change so quickly once they go off to school.

  5. I can't believe that it's already been 45 weeks since you started this series! I really loved these posts and look forward to seeing the changes. I think it's so wonderful that you stuck with it and I'm really going to miss it! Just like I miss those cows! Poor things haha These are such great photos of the kiddos! Thanks so much for the fun series Claudia :)


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