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Thursday, September 22, 2011

1980s Loving You Barbie Commercial

I was just thinking the other day that I loved to play barbie dolls when I was a child.  I had many barbie dolls when growing up. But these were the cheap plastic barbie dolls that would not bend their legs or arms.  Nonetheless I was happy, I really didn't mind, I really loved to play with them.  I grew up with my two brothers one two years older than me and the other two years younger than me.  We had an aunt very close to our age, she was only three years older than me.  We were practically sisters, and my brothers the typical boys that would not let us play alone and would mess up our playtime.  Me and my aunt loved to make dresses for our dolls.  Once we've decided that the dolls have had their wardrobe for a long time, we would practically throw every piece of clothing they had and started making new dresses for our dolls.  Then we would sell our designs to each other.

I was two months short of being 13 years old when my baby sister was born, and it was then when an older aunt bought me my very first real Barbie doll.  I didn't beg for it like my life depended on it, I just got it as a gift! My beautiful Barbie had really red lipstick and a dress with a red velvet bodice, and a puffy white skirt with small red velvet hearts all over.  Pure bliss! I had my newborn baby (sister) and my real barbie.  I probably played with it until I was almost 14.  It's a shame I didn't get it earlier...oh well!

I came to the realization that you can really google everything and that the world is really at our fingertips as I was searching for this barbie! Her name is "Loving You Barbie" it came out in 1983 I found this commercial in you tube and it brought real vivid and happy memories to me.

 Let's keep the memories alive...
 Did you happened to come across this Barbie?


  1. So sweet story! But I didn't have Barbie, so to me it doesn't bring any memories... But I do remember I had many tiny plastic "babies" size of the finger, and what I remember the best they were different colors. I was extremely happy about my multinational kids :)) OMG, was that the reason for my international life??? LOL ;)

  2. aha! maybe you were meant to be international siga!

  3. I loved reading your story Clau! To tell you the truth, I wasn't a big barbie fan. My thing was the cabbage patch kid dolls, being able to put on fake diapers, and dressing them up :) I've always been ready for motherhood :)

    This post brought back so many memories!!


  4. ay Kary that is what I want keep the good memories alive...my sister played with the cabbage dolls but then again she is about your age! xoxo

  5. I never did the whole barbie thing, my sister did. I had dolls when I was a child but as I got older I became more of a tom boy. I hope one day to have girlie girls who'll love barbies xx

  6. Cómo es eso que Ro sí tiene talento, osea yo no :P

    Me alegro que tuvieras por fin tu Barbie.

  7. Hello dear Claudia! How are you?
    Yes, that commercial is lovely.
    Today I came here to thank you for coming to "Bom Feeling" and sharing my happiness! :)
    big kiss my friend

  8. I loved Barbies! My great aunt used to knit clothes for my dolls so they had custom outfits! I love the commercial. It really brings back memories for me too. ~Val


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