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Friday, September 9, 2011

The big 40


Happy Birthday to me!
Today I turn 40! aahhhhhh down the hill?? 
No... I want to be positive on this one. 
I'd like to think 40 is not that bad...

  • There are 40 weeks in an average term pregnancy
  • There is a saying that says "Life begins at forty"
  • The customary number of hours in a regular workweek is 40
 never mind...scratch that last one we could 
get away with less hours there!

But anyways, yes the big 40!
I have some wrinkles on my face because I've laughed a lot, 
a couple of stretch marks (not a lot just a couple!) 
because I gave birth to two wonderful children.
Some scar burns on my hands, 
because I've cooked meals for my wonderful family.
I've had good and bad days and even the worst days possible
I can totally thank God for all his blessings
and I can also say I don't feel 40...
I feel 35.99 plus shipping and handling
or 22 with 18 yrs experience!

promised to take me out to dinner on Saturday ;) 


  1. Happy Birthday! It's small 40, we woman only start to be ourselves at this line... Let's enjoy it!

  2. Thank you siga! yes, It's a small 40 :)

  3. Happy, happy, happy birthday today!!!! Enjoy a wonderful dinner out tomorrow night, too.

  4. I had no idea it was the big 4-0! Happy Birthday! I hope the forgetful husbands spoils you over the weekend. And I def like the idea of being 22 with 18 years experience! xx


  5. Happy Birthday beautiful Claudia!! :) I hope you have a wonderful time tonight to celebrate your special day with your husband :) And as they say "age ain't nothing but a number" :) It's how you feel and you look fabulous! :) I wish you so much love, blessings and happiness! xo

  6. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister!!!!!!!!! I wish I could click my red ruby slippers and be magically transported to CA to celebrate with you your very special day :)
    Feliz Cumpleanos Mi Clau!! Wishing you nothing but the best today and always! You are a wonderful mommy and you deserve nothing but the best!!
    And 40 is just a number, you do not look like your 40, so pssshhhhh!! Rock it! 40 is the new 30 :)

    Love you

  7. Thank you Kary! I like the sound of that 40 is the new 30! muuahhhhh!


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