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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Morning laughs...Laughs that make me a bit nervous

We were having Chinese food on Saturday, at the end of the meal 
as always when Chinese is on the menu
Xavi was eager to get his fortune cookie.  
This time he wanted to 'read it'  keep in mind that he's never been in school before, 
barely starting Kindergarten and  learning letters 
Aa, Ss, Dd, Mm, Pp 
(we are working hard on those!)

OK, so we all paused to listen to Xavi read his fortune cookie:

"You will kiss a red-hair girl" he read


did he say kiss a girl? he did!
he also asked me for skinny jeans a couple of weeks ago
...my four year old.
He will be 5 in exactly a week from today, he is growing up too fast.

I am so not ready for this :(


  1. Me neither! I am not ready at all for kids growing!!! But you made me smile about it :))

  2. Lol! Oh dear, I guess you better get ready. Looks like he's already got girls on his mind! lol! xx

  3. He's too cute!! They do grow up way too fast!!

  4. Uh-oh! He is so cute that I bet a young red-haired girl would be thrilled. Yep, you're in trouble.

    Hope he has a great birthday next week!

  5. Ohh he is soo cute :) Your little boy is growing up. I hope you treasure each moment. x

  6. Thank you ladies! @Gracie treasure each moment is what I try to do even when he is driving me up the wall :/ This will not last long I say to myself!

  7. Omg!!!! Que te dije!!! Tu Xavi was going to be a heartbreaker!! Too cute!! Hay mi Clau, yes our boys are growing up way too fast, and that;s why we must enjoy every single moment with them now!! They don't last forever, they grow up and things change! But for now these beautiful moments and memories are all that matter :)

    Love you my beautiful sister


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