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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Etsy Finds...Crochet

Have you ever been itching to start a new project?  I have...
I been wanting to crochet something for a while now. 
I say something because I really wasn't sure 
what my project was!  But after my husband finished a project of his own (that's another topic)
I knew then what I wanted to do, a crocheted afghan, a throw a blanket or whatever you may call it for my bed.

I saved some money and about a month ago I finally went and bought me some yarn and got started on it
I decided to post this in order to pressure myself to finish it.  Ah, I want to show you my finished project soon.

What better way to pressure myself don't you think??

Meanwhile I leave you with these wonderful etsy finds,

If you crochet then I am sure you will also be able to appreciate all the hard and extensive work that goes into
making each one of these masterpieces.

I can't wait to show you mine!


  1. Nice to know you like my cushion cover creation! Thank you for including it in your next projects! :=) Mrs.Spider!

  2. Qué coincidencia vengo de otro post donde también muestran crochets :D
    Y es que se han puesto de moda.. o es que nunca pasó de ..
    Yo he comenzado a valorarlo reciéntmente a raiz de los blogs, mi abuela hacía mucho pero yo no le prestaba atención.

    Me encanta el de turtle y el de mostly.

  3. Very interesting way to pressure you found! Hope it will work out good for you, because pressing myself I find half of the wardrobe half finished projects :)) But, as you seen today, sometimes I manage to finish them and even mail over the ocean :)) I love the choice of crochet examples you've put out today, very happy colors!

  4. I know you will have fun with your new project. I love making little afghans for the couch or the car or as a gift for someone's baby. Thank you for including my rainbow blanket :)

    Lynne @ HiJinx

  5. I can't wait to see your finished project!! Yes, I do like starting new projects. Finishing them is the hardest battle. :)

  6. this is on my wishlist! i can't wait to see yours, you're absolutely right sweet friend! :)


  7. I wish I knew how to crochet! I can't wait to see your finished product :) How special it will be to curl up with a good book with a blanket you created! :) Good luck finishing it love! xo


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