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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yard Sale

We had a yard sale this morning.

We had lots of clothes, some toys and nick nacks for sale

25 cents apiece, we needed to get rid of everything!

Xavi spent his time directing traffic!

...and resurrecting long lost toys

 until he decides 'hey no more pictures'

 You'd be happy to know that I rode my bike
to check out neighbor sales around us!
my bike has new brakes and new seat!
we made $49 dollars.
Not bad for things that haven't been used for more than six months!
Hope you're having a nice weekend


  1. Xavi is sooo cute in pyjamas ;) And what I see, somebody is trying a new bike? Looking good, lady! Hope you will have a lot of fun with that :)

  2. hello dear Claudia! How are you, my friend?
    I love this idea of yard sales. Here is not so common. In fact I've only heard about this once in my neighbourhood.
    thanks for coming to my blog.
    See ya! ;)
    big hug

  3. Oh I've always wanted to go to a garage sale! But they don;t have any here in Nyc :( Booo!!

    woohooo!! for making 49 dollars! That's great, here we end up throwing away the clothes or donating it to the goodwill ( pero a veces no son de confiar)

    Yay! And I love that you are riding your bike mi querida amiga! Me encanta!

    Te quiero mucho xoxo

    P.S. Xavi so adorable in his P.J.S

  4. $49!!!! Yay! It always feels good to get rid of old things too! It looks like you live in a perfect neighborhood for riding your bike! ~Val

  5. Love this post and especially the pictures of you on your bike. :)))


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