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Monday, June 6, 2011


School is out, but not for Xavi
He started Kindergarten camp today
for children that have never been in school before
four days session
M-Th 8:00am to 10:30 am

Before School:
He told me at home
"but I don't have my Homework"
he was a bit shy once he met the teacher,
and ready with a change of clothes in
case of any 'accidents' 
most kids were playing with toys when I left 
the classroom.  He was sitting on a desk.

After School:
as soon as I saw him he waved at me and said
"wait mom let me finish this",
"it was great, I never thought I'd like school",
" I have a best friend"

...I am so happy he enjoyed his first day of K-camp
must say that Sophia missed Xavi and she wanted
time to go by fast so that we would pick him up.

I wish my Xavi the best of luck now that his 
schooling years have begun!


  1. How exciting!!!! Yay for Xavi and his great first day. He will do great come the first day of Kindergarten!! Wishing the best of luck to Xavi, and sending you lots of love and hugs ;) xoxo

  2. Aw...so sweet. So adorable that Sophia missed Xavi while he was at K Camp. You have great kiddos!! You're a great mamma.

  3. what a great experience for him and certainly your child no? awww i loved the image of him sitting at his desk ready :) i was like that too, to tell you the truth! ha

    i love the sibling love... please keep us posted on his k-camp! :)


  4. Genial lo del campamento de verano. El colegio de mi niña también hace uno,, pero está carísimo y sólo 2 semans, así que no.


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