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Monday, June 20, 2011

Messiest Morning Hair Contest Day 1

We're having a messiest morning hair contest.
Four days we will display pictures (M-Th)
Help us by casting your vote.

Messiest hair winner will be chosen on Friday!

But voters may win too :)

1.  You may vote daily
2.  You may vote for a different contestant everyday

For every vote you cast
your name will enter a drawing
one winner will be chosen on Friday
winner may pick any one item in stock in my moncy3 shop

Vote confidently none of us will be offended!

 Contestant # 1

 Contestant # 2

Contestant # 3 (yes, I am in it too!)

So don't forget to vote daily for more chances to win!

Thank you in advance for making this fun!


  1. Ha ha ha! Where are you digging ideas from? I love that! Today my votes goes to... (drums..) #2!

    Talking about my photos, (thank you for commenting them! :)) I am not a photographer either! But I love taking pictures, so I guess being an amateur is not a bad thing. We must have fun and stop worrying about not being professional. But I know that feeling of wanting more and better...

  2. ok it was Sophia's idea, I just though of putting in the blog :)

  3. I love this idea!! I will have to put up my picture and Miguelitos sometime this week :)

    My vote goes to......
    Sophia :)
    But if you would have let down your hair I think it would look messier!

    xo Kary

    Love you lots!!!

  4. This is a brilliant idea ..totally love it !!
    and my vote for the messiest hair contest day 1 goes to ...Sophia :))
    Looking fwd to day 2 !

  5. i am voting for sophia on this one too!!! :)

  6. This is fun. I'm going with #3 this time.


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