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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Messiest Morning Hair Contest Day 4

We're having a messiest morning hair contest.
Four days we will display pictures (M-Th)
Help us by casting your vote.

Messiest hair winner will be chosen on Friday!

But voters may win too :)

1.  You may vote daily
2.  You may vote for a different contestant everyday

For every vote you cast
your name will enter a drawing
one winner will be chosen on Friday
winner may pick any one item in stock in my moncy3 shop

Vote confidently none of us will be offended!

contestant #1

 contestant # 2

contestant # 3

This is the last day to vote! 

If you didn't vote on day 1 you can always do so here!
 vote on day 2 here
 vote on day 3 here

Thank you for the great response ladies and for making this fun!


  1. ok, this is hard one. Long hair + curls = more messy? maybe, but I really love the look #2! Xavi's head looks like piece of art! :))

  2. Claudia, to comfort you, I have a special present ;))

  3. I have to go with #2, as well. Just like for my daughter, those curls make all the difference!

  4. number 2 looks like mine in the morning! :)))

  5. Hmmm... my vote goes to Xavi :)
    I think his looks messier!


  6. Oh Miguelito also voted today he says #1 is messier :)


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