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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

etsy finds

Hope you are not in a hurry!  
Would you like to join me for breakfast?

Come in have a seat!

How would you like your eggs?  
I'd like mine scrambled.

You know I don't drink coffee, but I made some just for you!

Blueberry pancakes?

Perhaps French Toast? 

Some Maple Syrup?

How about orange juice...

or fresh milk?

Oh and I didn't forget fresh fruit! 

Thanks for stopping by, I wish I could do this everyday
although sometimes cold cereal will have to do! 
I know you would still join me?


  1. Ah, yes! yes, yes and YES, PLEASE!!! (me se cae la baba... :))

  2. This is making me hungry!!! I just have a boring bowl of oatmeal every morning...quick and easy. ~Val

  3. I would love to join you anytime! Your comment reminded me of something a fellow mom said to me once. We were talking about the importance of keeping a grateful journal everyday. And we were saying how at the end of some of our crazy days it is hard to find something to be grateful for. She said it was okay to be grateful that the milk was cold at the table! With three kids, I am sure you can relate! Thanks again for the should out.

  4. Yes please and thank you! I too am going to never look at my oatmeal the same again...Thank you for sharing your blog with me. It's so homey; I'll stop by often. And thank you for sharing my fruit! You rock!

  5. I will be right there! What would you like me to bring? :)

  6. your presence will be enough my dear!

  7. Oh I love this! It's the type of breakfast you have when you're with friends and you know it's going to be long and leisurely. I usually have tea and cereal for breakfast. :)


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