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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dreadful Medical appointment!

So I started my summer vacation with one of the most dreadful
medical appointment a woman can have... a pap smear!  
I called last week
to get an appointment on 
a Friday and they called early yesterday morning
with a opening for 4 o'clock ok I'll take it I said :(

So I got ready and decided it was time to wear a dress.  
You know I've been wanting to wear dresses
You can see Xavi's sword in the mirror, 

I am pretty good at keeping up with routine appointments
(we have a dentist appointment next Thursday) 
It is one of those things you know you have to do anyways, 
so why procrastinate on that?

So here I am in the room waiting and waiting, 
it wasn't that long of a wait really
but just watching the little table ready and the medical instruments made me more nervous!

I always wear my socks to this type of appointments 
I just hate feeling so vulnerable.
"relax and open wide"  yeah right!!

I was even ready to make an appointment for a mammogram
but the nurse practitioner said Kaiser starts 
them at 50 years old
unless a history or breast cancer is in the family.
I told her I hardly do the self breast exam because 
I don't know what  to look for.  
She patiently taught me how to do it, when to do it
what to look for, she showed me what normal feels like, 
and when something does not feel normal 
or it feels different, that's when 
I contact a doctor even
if I am not sure.
I feel more confident now.

It wasn't that bad really!
So, no news is good news.  Hopefully I won't get a 
call from them and will be back for 
a pap smear in three years. 
Now I need to get to work on my tan!

I am making a habit to carry my camera to  
document things and as a service to my community 
and you my lovely lady friends
I glently ask you when was your 
last pap smear, and breast exam?

I  once heard that there are two types of women:
the ones that have breast cancer 
and the ones that are afraid to get it!

Do yourselves a favor and get regularly checked. 
Hope your having a great weekend!


  1. I got mamograms since I was 30 years old, since my mother passed away from breast cancer. I've had 2 fiberadonomia's (sp?) removed from my left breast. Non-cancerous tumors.

    Yes, regular check-ups are a must.

    Good for you for going! I think I have the same shoes as you. I bought them from Target. :)

  2. Nice dress & camera. I love Nikons. I started off with a manual one in High School. The old school photography days. Someday, I will blog about my old photography work. :)

  3. Monday, I'm going to the Post Office to mail your bracelet. It would look great with your dress. Sorry, I've been procrastinating. :( Please forgive me. :)

  4. Yes target $4.97 on clearance! I love clearance! No sweet, but I'm really looking forward to that bracelet! Yes it will match perfectly with my dress!

    I got my camera three months ago and you surely see things differently through it!

  5. Congratulations Claudia! You won the earrings! Please e-mail me your mailing information to missvalscreations@yahoo.com.

    I do not like the dreaded pap smear appointments! I go annually as part of my physical and it never ceases to be uncomfortable!!!! It is so important though! Thank you for sharing this post...it is a reminder that we all have to deal with this! ~Val

  6. Oh wow! Thank you Miss Val! I will email you with the info! :)

  7. Yeah, it's hard to go with my little one. We have to wait in line. He's a brat, but I'm training him to be good in all situations.

    Congrats! about the pearl earrings!! :)

  8. You got them cheaper than I did and I also bought them on clearance. :) You go girl!!

  9. What lovely shoes girl and I just had my appointment too ..its dreadful every time but you said it right , when you've got to do it there is no point in procrastinating ..
    P.S congrats on winning Ms Val's lovely earrings giveaway ...now upload a photo quik of you wearing it .. <3 <3


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