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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Messiest Morning Hair Contest Day 2

We're having a messiest morning hair contest.
Four days we will display pictures (M-Th)
Help us by casting your vote.

Messiest hair winner will be chosen on Friday!

But voters may win too :)

1.  You may vote daily
2.  You may vote for a different contestant everyday

For every vote you cast
your name will enter a drawing
one winner will be chosen on Friday
winner may pick any one item in stock in my moncy3 shop

Vote confidently none of us will be offended!

Contestant #  1

Contestant #  2

Contestant #  3   

So don't forget to vote daily for more chances to win!

If you didn't vote yesterday you can always do so here!

Thank you in advance for making this fun!


  1. Ok, Xavi is super cute! You working hard on that contest, I see more effort in it! But as far my favorite on day 2 is ... #2! Again?!.

  2. casting a vote for #2!!!

    definitely for #2 :)

  3. haha ..contestant no. # 2 wins it again ..
    no doubts about it sista :))

  4. ;) Sophia has it in the bag once more! But your second!! Your comment made me laugh!! Imagine si me museo del susto quien salva al Manhattan ;). Love you lots xoxo

  5. Indudablemente voto por la dos, jajajaja

  6. #2 again. I think Sophia has this one "in the bag." :)


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