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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Mail


I sent this beautiful Waikiki card to Russia

I sent this postcard to Loveland, OH  must be a lovely town!

 Birthday wishes for Gordon, he is a soldier I don't know!
But don't you just love good wishes from a perfect stranger?
Maria put  together a package for her soldier in Irak
we were invited along to send Birthday Wishes!

This is an aerial view of Mission Bay in San Diego, CA
sent to Russia

 This pretty Hello Card was sent to Taiwan!

 A thank you card I sent my mother in law for making my bike dream come true!


 This lovely card is from Thailand the land of smiles and spicy food!  I like that !

This cute bear is from Taiwan.  Makes me wants to hug it!

A sweet reminder to eat more veggies from Russia!

 I got this postcard from Priya on a day when I really needed a pick me upper!  Thanks Priya!!

Some Hellos from Kary in New York!

 A card and a letter from, my pen-pal Maria in Nebraska

 This card is from an etsy check paying customer, I just loved the things she said inside!

A thank you card from Maria for the B-day card I sent Gordon!

I send therefore I receive!!

Do you do postcrossing??


  1. happy mail-- yours is beautiful! i wish i had come across maria's post for Gordon sooner-- that is just the kind of thing i love! and i know when my brother was in Iraq, cards meant so much to him.


  2. I don't. I think the technology almost ate me up... LOL! But I will send some for you ;))

  3. Awww ..I am so happy you liked the card and got it just the day you needed it .. love to you sweetness !


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