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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet my family part 4

This is Valeria my 15 year old stepdaughter

...this is our family in her eyes

1. strong  2. caring  3. Best Dad ever and I love him

1.amable 2. smart  3. cute

1. amable  2. tender 3. nice
1. aggressive  2. cute  3. smart

*minor note:  yes he is always banging on her!


  1. I love following this! The cute and AGRESSIVE Xavi!!! LOL!

  2. :) I guess boys are alike. I'm constantly tell Little P to be gentle... Your girls are beautiful and Zavi is so handsome!

  3. incredibly sweet and fun-- what a great family project clau! i have loved seeing/reading these. they are my favorite xo

  4. Haha..Little Xavi hardly looks like the aggressive type but I know how the youngest ones always get away with everything .. we're three sisters and I always tell my mom you let the youngest one slip away too easily :P
    Great series once again Clau ..loved it !

  5. Todos los niƱos son iguales,siempre molestando a las hermanas :)


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