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Friday, June 24, 2011

Messiest Morning Hair Winner

Thank you for the great response to our silly contest.  
The kids were very excited with the game
and had the most fun!

We received a total of 27 votes
Xavi received 9 votes
Sophia received 17 votes
I received 1 vote
(to tell you the truth I feel good about only 1 vote!)

The winner for the Messiest Hair Contest is 
insert a ta da! here:

(she felt pretty confident at the beginning and a  bit shaky on day 3)

27 names of voters went into a ziploc bag and
one name was randonbly picked by Xavi
the winner is (insert another ta da! here) 

from Las Mil y Una metidas de pata
She is from Peru lives in Spain and she is a crazy mom (She says so herself) just like me!

She is entitled to choose any one item in my moncy3 shop.

***great lesson for my kids in learning how to win and loose, we had all agreed in advance that this was a fun game, only one winner and we will all go for an ice cream cone to celebrate the game***

Thanks again my lovelies!   
Maybe we should do this a yearly event...
What do you think?? 


  1. Congradulations to all winners! Honestly, was very funny this game, and I really hope you will have more silly and good ideas :)) It's a nice lesson for me how to make the family's life more creative. And now I go for ice cream myself! 8oD

  2. Congrats to the winners! What a fun contest. My week was hectic so I did not get enough time on Blogger to see all the posts! ~Val

  3. Oh nunca había ganado un concurso :)
    Muchas gracias me llena de ilusión. Voy corriendo a Etsy a ver qué escojo

  4. Yay Giozi!!! Yes, please do it again!! :)

  5. ABSOLUTELY!!!! how fun!!!! really, such a great idea that you MUST do this yearly if not sooner ;) congrats to sophia with her messy (and still beautiful!) locks! and also to Giozi :)


  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! how lucky for giozi to be able to pick out a gorgeous item form your shop!!!


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