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Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet my family part 5

This is my son Xavi, he is 4 years old

...and this is our family in his eyes

and he did a self portrait!

Thanks so much to all of you for sticking by on these series!
School is out today for the girls and our summer vacation officially starts! yay!


  1. He's just so cute! Loving (agressive;)) little man :) Thank you for sharing this with us! And THANK YOU for the surprise in my mail box! I got it, your etsy things! :))

  2. He is so cute! I love are younger kiddos. They are so sweet and innocent. They are so loving...

  3. This series was the best and I had so much fun reading all of your beautiful family members answers!
    Xavi is so adorable and a child will always tell you the truth :) You are beautiful ,a wonderful mommy and the best!!

    I threw away my some socks that were missing their significant other - I really do have a lot it happens every single time I go to the laundromat - ugh!

    Omg!!! Your out for summer vacation already - that is great!! Have lots of fun and enjoy! I can't wait to see your summer adventures :)

    The kids come out from school here until June 28th - booo!! But we are almost there!!

    Cuidate mucho mi querida hermana bonita xoxoxo
    Te quiero mucho!!

  4. awwwww what a precious post!!! :) Your little boy is just adorable! I love seeing your family through his eyes :) I love his sweet descriptions of all of you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us! It warmed my heart xo

  5. What a sweet family... enjoy your summer vacation together! It all passes so quickly!


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