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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby shower

This past Saturday we went to my sister's baby shower.

This is my sister and her husband.

 Move over belly we can't see the whole cake...
which was delicious by the way I had two servings!

 Here's my sister my mom and me!  I love these two girls!

 And everybody who matters to me is in this picture!  My husband, my mom, my sister and two brothers, their significant others and all of the grand kids.  Basically this is my little family except my dad who is a party popper and never goes out!

On another happy note, we decided to sign the contract so that Xavi will keep taking Tae Kwon Do lessons. He's happy I am happy for him.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful excuse to have such a nice family's gathering! The picture of tree girls is priceless
    And congrats to Xavi on his Ninja carrier!

    1. thanks siga yes Xavi will continue his ninja career! he is very happy he was greeted very nicely yesterday "welcome back sir"

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jelena in April the new baby girl will be here and the family keeps growing!

  3. This looks like a beautiful baby shower! I'm sure you ladies had a great time.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I really like the photo of you with your sister and your mom. Three lovely ladies!

  5. claudia, i love how happy and together/close your family always is. i remember doing a "wanting to know you wens." virtual photo date of the furthest you've been away from home, and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE on your trip your whole family went. Warms my heart! especially now that i'm home. There's nothing like family.

    your sister looks beautiful! congrats on her baby girl (i want some cake!) i hope to glow just like her one day.


  6. Those are great pictures of you and your familia. Your sister looks beautiful!!


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